Magnus Carlsen: I was forced to say that Cristiano is my favorite footballer

Magnus Carlsen: I was forced to say that Cristiano is my favorite footballer

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen gave an interesting interview in which I also talked about another great passion of mine – football.

The Norwegian is an open fan of Real Madrid and has visited the Santiago Bernabeu on several occasions, even starting a match against Valladolid in 2013.

In the interview, Carlsen revealed that he always considered Lionel Messi to be the greatest footballer in history, but was forced to say that he was a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.

– You are a Real Madrid fan. Let me ask you this. Who do you think is the greatest football player of all time? Messi, Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele or someone else?

– It’s hard to say anyone other than Messi because of his overall contribution. My love for Real Madrid came during the Cristiano Ronaldo era. I always liked him, but I also always thought Messi was better. I have been to several matches of Real and I have always been warmly received there. The only thing more specific was that when they asked me who my favorite football player was, I said someone different. For example, I mentioned Isco and they asked me again to say Ronaldo. It was very important for them, the Norwegian replied.

Carlsen recently refused to play in defense of his world title against Russia’s Jan Nepomnyashti, who won the challengers tournament. Instead, Magnus and his massive staff have mapped out a tournament entry strategy that will take him to an all-time high of 2900.