Magimix Cook Expert: something new in the kitchen!

Until November 14, Magimix puts the small dishes in the big ones. For the purchase of any Cook Expert cooking robot, you can receive its revolutionary new cast aluminum casserole dish free of charge and benefit, with the code THENUM, an additional 10% discount on the Magimix e-store. Presentation.

The Cook Expert is the most complete food processor on the market. So much so that it hardly seemed imaginable to see the emergence a new accessory capable of further pushing its culinary limits. But that was without counting on the thirst for innovation that drives the creators of the Cook Expert by Magimix. The result of several years of development, here is the first multi-cooking casserole adaptable to a food processor!

The Expert pressure cooker attaches to the Cook Expert using the support provided. Compatible with all heat sources, including induction, it can be slid into the oven up to 260°C. Its volume of 7 liters suitable for the preparation of good meals for 10 people and yet, it is surprisingly light. The Expert pressure cooker is in fact made of cast aluminium, a top-of-the-range material that is very resistant and above all light. It weighs only 3.3 kg, compared to 6 kg on average for an enamelled cast iron casserole of the same capacity!

The Magimix Expert cocotte is an innovation that will allow you to master the cooking of a large number of dishes.

© Magimix

Another asset, the Expert cocotte is protected by a ceramic fusion non-stick coating, very resistant and free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

The Expert cocotte for tasty moments to share

It is the ideal accessory for browning at high temperature on the hob, and triggering the Maillard reaction to form a deliciously flavored crust on meats cooked in stew (beef bourguignon, carbonade flamande, curries and others). tagines). Cooking will then continue quietly on the Cook Expert, at medium temperature and above all without ever reaching the boiling point. On this side, there is nothing to fear since the robot’s induction cooking mode allows temperature adjustment to the nearest degree. The casserole, as we have said, can also be used in the oven.

Another detail that says a lot about the perfectionism of Magimix, it is equipped with two removable silicone potholders, which you just have to slide on the handles to safe and risk-free handling.

Up to €350 in gifts for the purchase of a Cook Expert

If we insist so much on this revolutionary cocotte, it’s becauseit is offered to you, until November 14, for any purchase of a Cook Expert food processor. But the cocotte, sold alone, costs 350€! But maybe you already have one or more cocottes and don’t want to buy a new one? Don’t worry, other gifts with a cumulative value of €350 are waiting for you as part of this exceptional promotion. The Spiral Expert and the Extra Press XL will be offered to you for the purchase of a food processor.

Composed of three stainless steel cones, the Spiral Expert allows you to make spaghetti, tagliatelle and fusilli of fruit and vegetables in the blink of an eye. And with the Extra Press XL, you’ll concoct delicious juices, milks and smoothies rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Whatever your choice, you will in any case have immense potential to multiply hot or cold recipes, without fuss or sophisticated, for two, four or ten people, with the common point, the ease of use that characterizes the Cook Expert.

THE market reference robot, 100% made in France

The craze for this wonderful culinary assistant is easily explained. Remember that this is the only cooking robot on the market to combine the functions of steamer and simmer, blender, immersion blender, as well as pastry and multifunction robot. All in a compact format with clean lines.

Entirely designed and manufactured in France (including blades, made in Thiers), the Cook expert has a motor guaranteed for 30 years, and the supply of spare parts is guaranteed for 10 years: who says better? The imposing base of the robot which houses the LCD screen and the control buttons on the front further accentuates the feeling of robustness. But make no mistake, the robot is firmly anchored in the present.

Declined in version Connectthe Cook Expert (3.5 liter stainless steel tank) and Cook Expert XL (4.8 liter stainless steel tank) can be controlled directly via the app Magimix !

Photograph of the Cook Expert Connect Satin chrome with the app on a smartphone in cake batter mode

The version Connect Cook Expert food processors is a real asset! You will be able to control your robot via your smartphone or tablet.

© Magimix

Choose your recipe from the thousands available, and simply follow the instructions for a guaranteed result. Thanks to the scale on which the robot rests, the ingredients are weighed as you add them to the stainless steel bowl, the Expert casserole or any other container. And here too, whether you are preparing a meal for two or ten people, the scale is accurate to the nearest gram (up to 10 kg).

10% exceptional reduction, 300€ discount on the Cook Expert Connect and 350€ of accessories offered

As you will have understood, the Cook Expert is a very high-end appliance and 100% made in France. And when Magimix offers 10% discount with code THENUM on his star robot, you have to know how to seize the ball on the leap! An exceptional reduction valid until December 31 on the entire range of Cook Expert robots to which is added a price drop of €300 on the Cook Expert Connect which drops to €1,099 until November 15 at Magimix (red version), Baker and Darty (black finish). Add to that the 350€ of gifts offered (the Expert cocotte or the Spiral Expert accompanied by the Extra Press XL), and it’s clearly already Christmas at Magimix!

So don’t wait any longer and rush to the Magimix site to choose and adopt the brilliant culinary assistant that will accompany you on a daily basis for many years to come.

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