Macron did a good job – he convinced Putin about the Zaporizhzhia NPP

President Macron seems to have done the right thing this time. He convinced the Kremlin dictator with simple arguments that a Chernobyl-like accident at the Zaporizhzhya NPP would lead to the contamination of a vast region incompatible with life to the south and southeast of a dominant region in the fall in the winds. This means that, given the mirror of the Azov and Black Seas and the flat steppe of the server Black Sea, Donbass, Crimea, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus with the beloved Sochi, and the northern coast of Turkey, including Istanbul, will be exposures to the infection. The mountain ranges of the Caucasus and the Malaysian Taurus will be stopped by radioactive clouds, but in the foothills, the intensity of radioactive fallout will be especially in the region from Anapa to Poti. Poor Gelendzhik, poor Sochi with first-person residence. It is clear why Erdogan is rushing to Lviv to meet with the UN Secretary General and President Zelensky. For Turkey, this disaster would be terrible.

I hope that Putin listens to Macron’s arguments and does not encourage his generals to test the strength of the protective covers of nuclear reactors. This is a really serious matter. And the benefits of power theft will be significantly less than preventing the total nuclear contamination of the Black Sea-Azov basin.

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