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In line with its commitment, a CSR action plan based on 6 roadmaps has been implemented: eco-production, carbon footprint, media education, digital sobriety, equality of chances and anti-waste.

Among the initiatives, the creation of a barometer on the expectations of the French vis-à-vis brands.

First lesson: The actions that the French expect from their companies are: respecting the environment (42%), reducing its carbon footprint (35%) and offering good working conditions (31%). Training in good practices to be adapted to protect the environment is also requested by 55% of French people. For the younger generations, the company appears as a relay to the failures of individual behavior.

Reconciling a discourse of proof and accessibility in more responsible communications

Beyond the discourse of proof and transparency on responsible products and services, the question of taking into account purchasing power and accessibility to its offers also arises in brand communications.

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For 57% of French people, the influence of speed in the communications of responsible brands is also a powerful lever to encourage them to act, with even stronger results among the younger generations (69%).

Do 18-24 year olds recognize themselves in the brand communications addressed to them?

Digital pollution is a notion that is still very abstract and difficult to define for 15-24 year olds, even though they are the biggest Internet consumers. On the other hand, it becomes a concern for more than 8 out of 10 young people once the concept has introduced them well.

However, they do not consider themselves to be responsible for this pollution and turn to companies: for them this pollution is mainly linked to the storage of data in data centers, the choice and production of the materials used by them.

Finally, if the metaverse seduces 15-25 year olds (95% of them see themselves interacting with their friends or family via the metaverse), they are aware of the many risks and abuses as revealed by the Jam survey for M6 Advertisement : loss of physical contact, negative impact on mental health and environmental consequences.

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