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The management of Ludogorets responded to Nasko Sirakov regarding the words of Levski’s owner that some teams are tolerated by the judges and the Eagles are part of them. Residents of Razgrad write that, unlike Nasko Sirakov’s lender, they do not make midnight videos.

Here is what Ludogorets wrote on their website:

On the occasion of the re-escalated anti-Ludogorets campaign from certain circles in Bulgarian football, we decided to follow the old folk wisdom that if you throw a stone at every dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat barks at you, you will never reach your final goal.

Today, however, not an ordinary media chatterbox, but personally the owner of the PFK Levski respected by us – Nasko Sirakov allowed himself to make suggestions about Ludogorets. There is no way we can leave unanswered such baseless claims, in which our club is indirectly involved.

We are obliged to remind Mr. Sirakov that we live in a country governed by the rule of law, and when someone has doubts about corrupt practices, they can freely contact the competent authorities, providing proper evidence to support their claims. We will all be very happy if there are such and the whole society knows who the corrupt football referees are. The rest is slander, cajoling, etc.

We won’t get into controversies about the referee’s mistakes, because there are some in Levski’s favor, but unlike Nasko Sirakov’s lender, we don’t make midnight videos.

We are not interested in what is happening around Levski. On the contrary. We have always been collegial, including about their recent wishes for program changes. PFC Ludogorets wanted to play the match with Levski as scheduled, but showed understanding because of the European match with Hamrun of the blue club. PFC Ludogorets played 10 more games than their opponent and it was most normal to insist on meeting the pre-defined deadlines for the end of the half-season. But this time we didn’t cause any problems and it must be an earring in our ear.

In conclusion, we propose to resume the practice of exchanging referees, which worked quite well during this championship, and for our matches with Levski to come international referees from leading championships. Because it seems to us that the “artillery” preparation has already begun. We know from experience that there will be a cannonade as the matches approach to intimidate the referees.

Otherwise, Mr. Sirakov, who is an undisputed football talent, himself recognizes the class of Ludogorets. We have fantastic players and a fantastic team. We don’t need anyone’s help because we are Ludogorets.

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