Lubo Penev: Those selected by Krstaich are reserves or players out of shape

Lubo Penev: Those selected by Krstaich are reserves or players out of shape

CSKA 1948 head coach Luboslav Penev criticized national coach Mladen Krastaic’s selection of players for the upcoming two Nations League games against Gibraltar and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Krstaich made a number of changes to the squad, called up young players and overlooked the Premier League top scorer from the start of the season, Ivaylo Chochev of CSKA 1948.

“He is the head coach of the national team, not me. My view is very different from that of Krstaich. I look at my team. He looks at the national team. It still seems to me that it is right to call footballers who are in shape. Not reserves or those who play few minutes. I can boldly say that right now Ivaylo Chochev is the best footballer in the Bulgarian championship. Dani Naumov is the best Bulgarian goalkeeper in the championship. I don’t know what the ideas and plans are. My group for some such matches it would be completely different. The best should be called, regardless of which team they are counted on in these two matches,” commented Penev at a press conference.

CSKA 1948 visits Botev Plovdiv tomorrow.

“There won’t be any easy matches for us. Whether we play as hosts or away, it won’t be easy. Botev is not in bad shape, a little bit and their luck failed them. But this is a team that has opportunities and the position in the ranking in which is at the moment, it doesn’t suit him. The team will go to a radically different position. We are facing a serious and strong opponent. There will be no underestimation in any case. There are many games to be played. We are not underestimating any team,” said Penev.

He revealed that the new addition Yevgeny Serdyuk has not yet been registered and will probably miss the meeting with Botev.

“Serdyuk’s documents are in process. Questionable about this match. At the moment, rather not,” said Penev.

Georgi Rusev is back in the lineup after missing the match with Beroe due to a slight injury.

“Georgi Rusev had a slight physical problem, nothing complicated and I preferred him to be protected to feel better, he will be available,” said Penev.