Loud explosions in Kherson, families of FSB officers leave Crimea

Loud explosions were heard in Kherson this afternoon, Serhiy Khlan, adviser to the chairman of the regional military administration in the city, reported on his Facebook page.

“Loud explosions are heard in Kherson. It seems that the occupiers were hit with a very strong force,” he said in his message.

The successful actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces forced the so-called “authorities” of the temporarily occupied Crimea and the southern part of Ukraine to urgently move their families to Russian territory, the Main Intelligence Directorate in Kyiv reported.

“Despite the assurances of the population that their stay on the peninsula is safe, representatives of the occupation administration of Crimea, FSB officers and commanders of a number of military units are trying to secretly sell their homes and urgently evacuate their relatives from the peninsula,” it says the report.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing in the direction of Kherson, but we will not say the liberated settlements for security reasons, said Nataliya Khumeniuk, head of the joint coordination staff of the press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine.

According to unconfirmed information, a large number of Russians surrendered there, and the way to the regional center for the forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was opened.

Now, even in the liberated settlements, activities aimed at demining the territories continue.

“Our progress continues, the work continues. The successes are quite convincing. We exercise fire control over the enemy’s logistics in the occupied territory, we control the transport arteries, where the enemy with incredible persistence is trying to test new ways of crossing the Dnieper River. But as soon as they load a new pontoon or transport barge, our artillery goes into action,” Humenyuk noted.

According to her, the morale of the occupiers in the Kherson region has already been shaken and they have already been informed how to surrender safely and what they need to do to harm their unit so that it becomes incapacitated.

However, the Russians are building up reserves on the left bank, as it is very difficult to transport equipment to the right bank. According to Gumenyuk, the Russian occupiers understand that they must carry out the order, but they realize its absurdity. The Ukrainian Armed Forces registered sporadic attempts by the Russian Federation to storm some parts of the front. However, after a heavy resistance, the occupiers returned without equipment and with loss of personnel.

Gumenyuk confirmed that the Russian Federation has concentrated several units of “Kadyrovtsi” on the left bank. At the same time, she recalled that the bearded Caucasians aimed to prevent Russian troops from retreating.


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