Ljubo Penev: My opinion of Stoycho Mladenov has not changed

Ljubo Penev: My opinion of Stoycho Mladenov has not changed

CSKA 1948 coach Lyuboslav Penev stated that his attitude towards Stoycho Mladenov will not change.

The two “red” legends are in conflict and exchanged sharp remarks in absentia a year ago, when it was Mladenov who replaced Penev at the coaching post in CSKA, and now they will work together in CSKA 1948.

“We have not met, it is unlikely that we will meet often. Stoycho Mladenov is a new person in our structure. The fact that he starts working at the club does not mean that my opinion or attitude will change. He will not be involved in football, at least while I’m at the club – most likely with advertising, marketing, meetings with fans, but in no case with football,” said Lyuboslav Penev.

He is adamant that sooner or later the “red” community will unite in one club.

“Sooner or later there will be a CSKA. How it will happen legally, I can’t say. And this CSKA will be of the fans and for the fans,” Penev said at a briefing before his team’s match against Lokomotiv Sofia.

“Why was I invited during my last stay at “Army”? To quell the tension between fans and management. And it happened, we also won a trophy and we were all happy. But the most unhappy were the management. They don’t want us to win trophies, no they want us to upgrade and for CSKA to be in the position it should be in.

With a job well done, after 2-3 months I was kicked out. This is called treason. Why doesn’t Sector D go to matches? Because they are also lied to all the time. And they have made a very right decision, this must end once and for all. The fans have always supported me unconditionally at every moment and I appreciate that very much and will always be grateful to them.

There was a game once upon a time “cold-warm”. It’s freezing cold in my place, the warm should be sought in a place not far from the “Army”. The traitors should be looked for there,” Luboslav Penev also said.