Lili Ivanova raised her native region to its feet

Lili Ivanova gave a concert this evening in the “Arena Ruse” hall in the Danube city and delighted thousands of fans who sang her songs along with her.

“For me and for my entire team, it is an incredible emotion to be in this region that was born for me,” said Lili Ivanova, reported by BTA.

On stage with the famous Bulgarian singer were also the musicians from “Lee Orchestra” – Angel Dyulgerov (guitars, violin), Ognyan Enev (piano, trumpet, saxophone), Ivan Yordanov – Cheri (guitars), Hristo Mikhalkov (bass guitar), Orlin Tsvetanov (violin) and Rosen Vatev (drums, percussion), as well as trio “LaTiDa” (backing vocals).

Lili Ivanova sang songs from her latest mini-album “Hear my soul”, as well as favorite hits, including “Cricket”, “Winds”, “Fairs”. He also performed “Clovers”, going down to the audience.

Metropolitan Naum of Ruse was also at the concert, to whom Lili Ivanova especially thanked for his presence.

Two of her young admirers had prepared a surprise for her. The 19-year-old student at UNSS Boyko Bonev and his friend – Svetlozara Dimitrova, a twelfth-grader at the “Baba Tonka” Mathematical High School in Ruse and winner of the title “Miss Ruse 2021”, presented a poem that they had written especially for her, and in the hall they also crucified a two-meter poster with a poem and her photo.

“Lili Ivanova’s songs touch me a lot. I was touched by the feeling in them. Every new song that Lili Ivanova releases becomes my favorite,” 18-year-old Svetlozara Dimitrova told BTA.

According to her, Lili Ivanova’s concerts are a magic to which one cannot remain indifferent, because “love is stronger than anything”.

“With just one gentle gesture of her exquisite hands with a perfect manicure, she dictates the pulse of thousands against her. I have been a huge fan of Lily for more than 10 years and I bought the first ticket for this concert in Ruse minutes after the tour was announced,” said the girl.

“I grew up with Lili Ivanova’s songs. I have adopted her as a part of my life. For me, she is an example of exceptional professionalism and iron discipline. As I grew up, I realized the value of her work,” said 19-year-old Boyko Bonev.

“We want to thank Lili Ivanova for continuing to create and managing to overcome all malice and envy towards herself, transforming it into the love she gives not only to us – her fans, but also to the entire Bulgarian people. We wish her health, happiness and success. We love her more than we can tell her, and tomorrow we will love her more than today,” said the two young men.

They explain that they wrote the poem in two days, expressing their feelings in it.

Svetlozara Dimitrova and Boyko Bonev will attend Lily Ivanova’s concert on December 4 this year in Sofia.

“Then we will also present her with a poem, which will be written by us again. We have also prepared other surprises for her,” the two young men explained.

The concert in Ruse is part of Lili Ivanova’s national tour. Its beginning was set on April 14 of this year from her hometown of Kubrat and includes 28 cities in the country. After Ruse, it continues in Dobrich, Smolyan and Kardzhali. The tour ends with a concert in the “Arena Armeets” hall in Sofia on December 4 this year.

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