Like Sony, LG will vibrate its Oled panels to offer 5.1 sound

LG is preparing to adopt, on some of its future televisions, an “invisible” audio technology such as that used by Sony since 2017. A massive 97-inch Oled EX screen will be one of the first to benefit from it.

Holding a stand at K-Display 2022 in Seoul, LG demonstrates a new giant TV equipped with a 97-inch (246 cm diagonal) Oled EX panel mounted on small vibration motors to produce sound. without dedicated speakers.

Called Cinematic Sound Oled (CSO) by LG, this technology is nothing new since we have been testing it for a few years now on Sony Bravia televisions. It is, at Sony, called Acoustic Surface or Acoustic Audio, and its sound reproduction is rather impressive.

Technically, LG remains stingy with information concerning the implementation and operation of its CSO technology, which should be supplemented with a small subwoofer to provide better bass rendering and improve the “cinema” experience promised by the manufacturer.

Oled EX, kezaco?

As a reminder, the first televisions equipped with Oled EX panels were released at the end of 2021, improving the brightness of Oled panels without compromising color fidelity. The “EX” technology must also increase the lifespan of these Oled panels, by adapting the operation of the television and the degradation of its materials over time according to the viewing habits of users.

Finally, note that 97 inches represents the largest size of Oled television marketed to date, the G2 Oled range, released some time ago, having been the first to come close to 100 inches. As for knowing the price and the marketing window of this new very large Oled television signed LG, it is still too early.

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