Lexman launches affordable surveillance cameras for use with Enki

If he relies a lot on lighting to push consumers towards his Enki ecosystem, in particular via his dedicated box, Leroy Merlin can also count on security. A year after launching connected alarm kits for houses and apartments, its Lexman brand is expanding its offer with two surveillance cameras, also compatible with the Enki app: one for indoors, the other for the outside. Remember that it is also possible to add Netatmo and Somfy cameras and sensors to the Leroy Merlin ecosystem.

For indoors, Lexman offers the aptly named Motorized Wired Connected Indoor Surveillance Camera. If not concise, this name has the merit of being clear. It is therefore first of all a motorized camera. Its engine allows it more exactly to offer a 355° vision on the horizontal axis and 180° on the vertical axis, despite an optics limited to 100°. The sensor behind this lens produces Full HD 1080p images and the camera is controlled remotely using wifi.

It can also activate its motorization itself to follow movements when it detects them. Audio detection is also there with a “baby monitor” mode that we imagine corresponds to crying detection. Infrared vision is provided for the night, and there is a microphone and speaker for two-way audio, as well as a microSD slot for storing recordings. Finally, as its name suggests, Lexman’s indoor camera only works on mains power.

On the side of the outdoor camera, baptized with the same sobriety Lexman connected wired outdoor surveillance camera, the functionalities are almost identical. Only the motorization is missing and the optics only offer 80° vision, but a PIR sensor is added for motion detection and infrared vision is a little more powerful – the manufacturer announces a range of 10 m, which is twice as much as the indoor camera. The outdoor model, on the other hand, offers 1080p video, audio detection (without baby monitor mode, however), as well as storage on a microSD card. Finally, it also connects via wifi and ignores the battery, all the same practical outdoors.

The equipment and features of the new Lexman cameras are pretty basic overall. The manufacturer relies above all on the possibilities offered by the Enki ecosystem and the approximately 500 devices that it brings together to create scenarios, without forgetting the price. Leroy Merlin wants to democratize the connected home and his Lexman brand fits perfectly into this strategy.

Its indoor camera is available at the recommended retail price of €39.90 and the outdoor model at the indicative retail price of €59.90. To celebrate this launch, a promotional offer is planned for the simultaneous purchase of the two cameras: the lot will be offered at €79.90 from October 19, 2022 until November 7 inclusive.

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