Levski’s NCP to BFS: The time of reconciliation and talk is over – Levski

The National Club of Levski supporters supported the management’s statement and called for full mobilization for the match with Botev (Pd). The “Blues” have been banned for one match without an audience, but the club invited their supporters to the match.

The statement said that the National Club of Levski Supporters fully supports the management of PFC Levski not to respect the decision of the “disrespectful worms from BFS!”

“The double arshin in Bulgarian football, garnished with professional drinking and passing out in public places, smearing with tons of gel and accumulating even more tons of bacon, have led to the point that football in Bulgaria is a tragic parody of the most popular sport, and our national team to be a football dwarf. The unfair and scandalous treatment of our club is an integral part of the big problem,” the statement added.

Levski’s NCP writes that their organization has consistently defended a principled position of disagreement with the “chronic parody in the management of the BFS”.

The position of the NKP Levski ends as follows: “Glory be to God, the times of reconciliation with the gavrs are over.” We are extremely happy that now there are people in Levski who can say ENOUGH! Enough of the incompetence, enough of the impudence, enough of the mockery of Levski! For this reason, we announce FULL MOBILIZATION EVERYONE FOR THE BOTEV MATCH! ALL BEHIND LEVSKI!”

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