Levski responded to the BFS: In recent years, you have deepened the problems facing Bulgarian football – Levski

Levski responded to the Bulgarian Football Union, after the headquarters were outraged by the declaration of the “blues”, with which they requested an extraordinary Congress.

“Dear managers of the BFS,

In recent months, the management of “PFK Levski” has been dealing with the really big problems inherited in the club on a daily basis. This is thanks to the unprecedented support of our many supporters and their trust in us.

Quite the opposite – in the last, more than 15 years, you not only did not solve, but deepened the problems facing Bulgarian football, turning Bulgaria into one of the most backward countries in football Europe.

Therefore, we once again call on you to announce a date for an extraordinary electoral congress, which will be held transparently and honestly, and lay the foundations for a new type of governance in Bulgarian football, no later than December 20, 2022.

Otherwise, we will do it, according to all the rules of the law and the Statute of the BFS, which, rest assured, we know well,” Gerena wrote.

The BFS was outraged by Levski’s position

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