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Levski is getting closer to signing a new striker. According to “Mach Telegraf”, the management of the “blues” have targeted 7 Brazilians for transfer to “Gerena”. As of today, scouts are looking at footballers from the three main divisions of the Coffee Country to select one of them.

According to club sources, among the players on Levski’s list are Lucas Barcelos and Gabriel Conceição. Both are out of contract at the end of the year and if a deal is agreed they will leave the club penniless. The mentioned footballers are part of second division teams. The former currently plays for KSA, and the latter for SRB.

As of today, Levski’s people who are in Brazil are holding talks with the targeted players. Some of them are still not convinced that they want to play in Bulgaria, and others insist on too high salaries. It is for this reason that the head coach Stanimir Stoilov insists that they look around and, accordingly, conduct negotiations with many players, so that there is certainly a decision at the end of the year.

Since returning to Levski, Murray has taken three Brazilians – Welton, Ronaldo and Tsunami – who are playing very strongly. The coach’s desire is for the central striker to be on the most football side. It got even stronger after the starter at that position, Bilal Bari, suffered a serious injury and is likely to be out for the rest of the season.

Levski is expected to sign a contract with his new striker by the end of November, who will start winter training with the team.

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