Legal battle over the estate of the late actress Anne Hechey

A legal battle is looming over the administration of the estate of the late actress Anne Hechey, the Tribune Content Agency has reported.

Last week, the former partner of the Hollywood celebrity, James Tupper, filed a lawsuit in a court in Los Angeles, in which he claims that by right he should manage her inheritance. The “Six Days, Seven Nights” star died aged 53 in August after a serious car accident.

In August, Emmy Award winner Homer Lafoun’s 20-year-old son from her marriage to Coleman Lafoun asked a court to appoint him as administrator of her estate. Hatchey left no will. The young man also insists on being designated as the legal representative of his 13-year-old brother, Atlas Hechy Tupper, whom the actress gave birth to during her romance with James Tupper. The two brothers are listed as the sole heirs of their mother.

Actor Tupper, with whom the blonde became close on the set of the series “Men in Trees”, claims that she left a will in which he was named as his executor and that she sent it to him by e-mail in 2011.

“It is my wish that all my possessions be under the control of James Tupper and be used to raise my children and then be given to them,” the man said in an email attached to his lawsuit.

“They shall be equally divided between our children, at present Homer Hetchy Lafune and Atlas Hetchy-Tupper, each receiving his share when he attains the age of 25 years. After the last child attains the said age, any house or other property of mine, to be sold, and the money to be divided equally between our children”.

In the application to the court, Tupper said that Lafoun “is not suitable to be appointed as the personal representative of this estate” and that the person who will oversee him should be “someone with more experience and skill”.

“He is only 20 years old, unemployed, and was estranged from Hetchi before her death because he dropped out of school and did not work to support himself,” the petition reads.

James also questions whether Lafune would act to achieve the best for his younger brother.

“Homer agreed to see a grief counselor with Atlas, but he didn’t show up for the appointment and left Atlas waiting for him. He agreed to meet his brother and I at a restaurant on August 25th, 2022, but he didn’t show up , even though we waited an hour and a half for him,” Tupper wrote to the court. He adds that all this is extremely upsetting for Ann’s younger heir, who is 13 years old and was with his mother on the day of her death, BTA reports. He repeatedly sought contact with his brother, but after the death of their mother, the two did not see each other, and Homer did not keep in touch with Atlas.

James Tupper notes that if his request is granted, he plans to hire a neutral third party, a professional, to manage Hatchey’s estate.


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