Ledger draws a tactile crypto-wallet designed by the creator of the iPod

Ledger Stax, the new crypto-wallet unveiled by Ledger.

© Ledger

Ledger couldn’t have asked for better timing. While the cryptocurrency ecosystem is going through a period of strong turbulence, after the incredible bankruptcy of the FTX platform, rarely have the holders of virtual currencies been so much in search of solutions to secure their crypto-assets. In this context, Ledger, known for the digital asset portfolios of its Nano range (S and X), is rubbing its hands. The French company thus saw its sales quadruple in November.

While it is currently on the rise, the company, which became a unicorn in June 2021 after a round of funding of 380 million dollars, gave an appointment this Tuesday, December 6 at the Gaîté Lyrique, in Paris, for present new products. On this occasion, the French company promised “a major announcement for the future of the crypto ecosystem and Web3”. In this context, the company headed by Pascal Gauthier has pulled out all the stops by offering a presentation worthy of an Apple keynote.

Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, in rockstar at the Gaite Lyrique

The spirit of the apple brand was also very present in the room. And for good reason, Pascal Gauthier, after an introduction of about ten minutes to recall that Ledger has sold 6 million devices which protect 20% of cryptocurrencies and 30% of NFTs in the world, gave way on stage to Ian Rogers , a former Apple Music employee who oversaw the development of the Californian group’s streaming music service. The latter outlined the company’s approach to providing a better experience for users.

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Then appeared Tony Fadell, who is neither more nor less than the father of the iPod. With his presence, Ledger hoped to offer himself a moment worthy of the launch of the iPod in 2001 or the iPhone in 2007. To achieve this, the French flagship of the crypto ecosystem went to see the American designer a while ago. two years. And it was not won in advance… “To be honest, I wasn’t necessarily sure about taking on this task, but I was curious about this new technology”, he declared in front of a conquered audience. Before adding: “The idea of ​​reinventing a Ledger wallet hooked me. I couldn’t run away. I saw a big opportunity and big problems to solve. And I love solving big problems. So I convinced myself . I had to accept this challenge.”

A “crypto-iPod”

Two years later, it was Tony Fadell who had the privilege of unveiling the latest addition to the tricolor unicorn: the Ledger Stax. Gone are the USB keys with a tiny screen from the Nano range, make way for a very thin case, the size of a credit card, which incorporates a curved touch screen to fit the face and edge of this new crypto- wallet. With this Ledger Stax, capable of supporting more than 500 crypto-assets, it’s hard not to see a sort of crypto version iPod. But Cocorico, this one is French!

To offer this new visual aspect, Ledger opted for E-ink technology, used on e-readers to offer users several weeks of autonomy. The company even assures that the battery can last for months on a single charge, made possible by the USB-C port. Ledger Stax, which is also compatible with Qi wireless charging, is connected to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth to connect to the Ledger Live application, allowing management of crypto-assets, and soon to the Ledger Connect extension , gateway to Web3 applications. A sign of the importance that the company attaches to its new technological gem, it was protected by security guards in front of its display at the Gaîté Lyrique, and it was forbidden to approach it within one meter, and let alone touch it!

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Ledger Stax - Crypto

The Ledger Staxe embeds the E-ink technology, used on e-readers to offer an autonomy of several weeks.

© Maxence Fabrion/Digitals

Ledger Stax available for pre-order at €279

In terms of the price list, the Ledger Stax is now the company’s new flagship, with an introductory price of €279. For comparison, the Ledger Nano S Plus and X keys are currently on the market at €79 and €149 respectively. Pre-orders for Ledger’s new product are already open, but it will be necessary to wait until the first quarter of 2023 for the first deliveries. In France, the unicorn even plans to offer its new crypto-wallet to customers of distributors such as Boulanger and Fnac.

At a time when the crypto ecosystem is facing a crisis of confidence in centralized platforms, the Ledger Stax could well meet with great success. To avoid seeing their funds disappear with the founders of unscrupulous platforms, interest in this type of solution, which acts as a “digital bank account”, may indeed be reinforced. And this while Ledger ensures that none of its 6 million wallets sold to date has suffered the slightest hack. This argument could boost the company’s sales in the coming months.

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