Leclerc after the tire mistake: We will talk to the team, Ferrari: The tires were correct

Charles Leclerc; photo: Ferrari

In the first race weekend after the summer break in Formula 1, Ferrari did not even make it to the race – in Q3 of the qualification for the Belgian Grand Prix was achieved confusing Charles Leclerc tire situation.

“Wait, what are those tires?” the driver asked over the radio at the end of Q3.

“Sorry, it’s a mistake,” his flight engineer replied.

Leclerc then asked what to do and was instructed to make a tour of this set. Directly after qualifying, Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mequis said that the correct tires had been installed on Charles’ car – at the last minute the team decided to put on a new set.

“I don’t know what happened in the end. We will discuss it with the team,” said Leclerc immediately after qualifying

A little later, Charles tried to say that nothing much had happened.

“I think there was a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. I mentioned it because I was surprised. But it doesn’t change anything further into the weekend anyway.”

Leclerc added that because of the penalties for changing components of his drive system, his preparation did not go as it usually does.

“We didn’t prepare in the usual way for the qualification because we knew about the sanctions. We were mainly preparing for the competition. But nevertheless the time of Max [Верстапен] well…yeah, it’s way ahead. I didn’t expect it. We’ll talk to the team. His pace is amazing. The difference to him is alarming. Red Bull are incredibly fast and we have no explanation as to why that is. With such a difference in qualification, it will be difficult to keep up with their pace in the race. Their car looks strong from the start of the weekend.”

“Tomorrow the race will be difficult. We seem to be a bit more competitive in the races, but yes, this one will be tough. I have to make a good start, quickly make my way into the column and then we’ll see what happens,” added Leclerc.

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