Lechkov: Levski and CSKA have the same financial benefactor

The vice-president of BFS Yordan Lechkov reacted to Levski’s attacks on the football headquarters.

In several declarations, the “blues” requested the convening of an extraordinary electoral congress and pointed out that Bulgaria is one of the most backward countries in Europe in terms of football.

“I completely agree with part of Levski’s declaration, behind which I see the handwriting of a person with whom we played and won for Bulgaria,” Lechkov replied.

“Yes, Bulgarian football has reached the bottom, being in a critical state. It is a fact. The people from “Gerena” are right. But this is at the club level, which means that in Levski they blame themselves. Because BFS is not to blame, Levski not a strong team”.

“However, BFS is “guilty” of the many compromises it made for Levski. And you know – they are not one and two. We have been quite tolerant with the club, which is on the verge of existence. And now, when this team began to loses, everyone’s convenient evil arises – BFS. Well, no. It can’t be like that”.

“I have the feeling that Levski and CSKA have the same financial benefactor. So – some people are in very close relations with other people. Some people helped other people financially. I think it is unnecessary to raise the olelia for congress, since it is already clear that there can be no such thing,” Lechkov also said.

“And it would be nice for the Blues to look after themselves. To save themselves, because without Levski and CSKA, it is not the same. Only one strong Ludogorets is not enough,” concluded the vice president of the football union.


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