Lecheva: The procedure for awarding a concession to “Gerena” – Sport will start as soon as possible

The Minister of Youth and Sports Vesela Lecheva spoke to BNT about the balance sheet after nearly 6 months of management as a member of the official cabinet. She gave an interview during the Snowboard World Cup in Bansko. The official Minister of Sports spoke about the stadiums of CSKA and Levski – “Bulgarian Army” and “Georgi Asparuhov”.

“One of the most important goals was to maintain a continuous dialogue with the federations, the sports organizations regarding their activities. The second emphasis we placed was to stop the vicious practices with controversial contracts that harmed the activities of the companies. We tried to create better conditions, to update the programs on which sports organizations work,” said Vesela Lecheva.

The Minister of Youth and Sports believes that the Olympic training and staffing programs will enable athletes to feel confident in securing the training and competition process, and coaches not to worry about their development.

“Our goals as a team of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the administration I lead are to provide the best possible conditions, to be in continuous contact with the federations and to be able to solve all pressing issues before the Olympic Games in Paris. Let’s not leave any competitor or coach behind,” said Lecheva.

The Minister of Youth and Sports also touched on the topic of the “Bulgarian Army” and “Georgi Asparuhov” stadiums.

“In the last 30 years, not a single successful model of public-private partnership has been implemented in our country. Namely, to realize a concession, a joint venture, so that private capital is also attracted. I hope that with these two important steps that we have taken, firstly regarding the Bulgarian Army Stadium and then for the Georgiy Asparuhov Stadium, we will enable both giants to get the best opportunity to realize their goals for modern facilities. I hope these are successful models for the sports infrastructure”, stated Vesela Lecheva.

The Minister of Youth and Sports reminded that, within the mandate of the caretaker government, a memorandum was concluded between “Serdika Sports Properties” and PFC CSKA Sofia, in which all the most important steps regarding the establishment of the joint company were outlined.

“We are in the final phase of this process. Almost all the elements and all the most important actions are coming to an end,” Minister Lecheva clarified and added that important steps are also being taken regarding Levski’s stadium – “Georgi Asparuhov”.

“By my order, a special commission was created by representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Regional Administration of the Sofia region, to prepare the entire procedure and preparatory actions for the concession awarding procedure. We are working on this case together with the regional administration, so that it will be realized in the shortest possible time and the procedure for awarding a concession will be started,” Lecheva added.

Minister Vesela Lecheva announced that there is funding for a new hall for rhythmic gymnastics. In recent months, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been working closely with the Ministry of the Interior.

“We were personally convinced of the need for such a sports facility. The hall where the national teams train at the moment is extremely busy and there is a real need for a new one. Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev and I visited the place, they are working very hard to make the first sod as soon as possible. Funds have been allocated for this sports facility, so I hope rhythmic gymnastics will have its new home,” said Lecheva.

Minister Vesela Lecheva was also asked about the ongoing scandals in the weightlifting federation.

“There has been a rather complex interpersonal conflict going on there for a long time. The ICC should not interfere in the work of sports federations. It is our duty to control compliance with the law, regulations, rules for the programs we implement together with the federations. We will be uncompromising about whether rules are broken, whether provisions of legislation and regulations are broken. And there, as in all organizations, we try to talk with all parties to the conflict, we are really in constant dialogue,” Lecheva announced.

“I believe that the best coaches should be given the opportunity to be able to participate in the training of our most prominent athletes. There is room for everyone. There are also funds. We financed the Bulgarian bars in 2022. We fulfilled our commitments to them. I hope that in their report they will show that everything that we have given as opportunities in all programs has been fulfilled”, Vesela Lecheva hopes.

The Ministry will continue to support the hosting of major championships, because they are a chance for the development of Bulgarian sports and raising the authority of our country.

“Back in my term of office 2005-2009, we created this program for households. It continues to be very important. Bulgaria has established itself as one of the most successful hosts in the white sports, which are extremely attractive and popular,” said Lecheva and noted that both the skiing federation and the local government are to blame for this.

“This year, the hosts were not spared – severe weather conditions, the warm weather, the rains. But despite this, it turned out to be a wonderful competition, which brings great joy and prestige to Bansko and Bulgaria,” concluded Lecheva.

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