“Learn to be friends with Russia so your teeth stay whole”

“The West must learn to be friends with Russia in order to keep its teeth whole” – this is what Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel.

The Chechen leader described the Russian Federation as a “state hardened in the last 20 years” and has a powerful political structure. In his opinion, Russia is currently as strong and powerful as possible.

“Russia is not the Gorbachev Union and it is not Yeltsin’s territory,” Kadyrov also wrote.

Russia has turned from a humiliated and robbed territory by the West into an unshakable country with a powerful political system, he adds. Kadyrov also praised the Russian Federation’s ability to reorganize itself in light of its strategic goals.

That is why he believes that the West must learn to be a friend and communicate with Moscow “if it wants its teeth to remain whole”.

The leader of Chechnya is adamant that Russia is “the best friend of the world” and represents a “reliable and honest” partner. Kadyrov also recalls that a new detachment of Chechen soldiers has already left for Ukraine.

They are trained at the Russian Special Forces University, a private military university in Russia.

Since February 24 – the beginning of the war in Ukraine – more than 10,000 Chechen soldiers have left for Ukraine.


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