Le Parisien: Teammates prevent fight between Neymar and Mbappe – France

The expected victory of PSG against Montpellier (5:2) was marked by Kylian Mbappe with his behavior on the field. PSG’s young star got into an argument with Neymar, who didn’t allow him to take the second penalty (Mbappe had previously missed a spot-kick) and nervously waved his arms and stopped running after not receiving the ball from Vitinia.

Le Parisien revealed that Mbappe and Neymar continued to spar verbally after the match and their teammates had to separate them to prevent a more serious physical confrontation.

Much is expected from PSG in the new season and the main goal is to win the Champions League, but for any coach it must be a nightmare to have so many stars in one place. The match with Montpellier is the best indicator of what the big egos of football stars can do.

Mbappe has been handed the role of the club’s first star after signing the new contract, although PSG also have Lionel Messi and Neymar in the squad.

Confidence without limits: Mbappe didn’t get the ball, so he stopped running (VIDEO)

Neymar is fed up with Mbappe

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