Laura Krumova surprised Duchovnikova with a question about…

Teodora Duchovnikova is one of the most popular actresses who enjoy fan love because of her roles on the theater stage, television and cinema screens. Recently, her name has made a splash especially because of her participation in the new Bulgarian series “The War of the Letters” on BNT.

Duchovnikova was a guest on the show “On Focus” on “Nova TV”, where the presenter Lora Krumova provoked her with some questions.

Some of the actors she has played with over the years are also from her closest circle of friends. It was about them that Krumova asked her, not forgetting to mention Julian Vergov. As is known, it has recently been written about him that he is behind the physical attack on the actress Diana Dimitrova, who complained of violence on the set, writes vihrogon.bg. She does not specifically mention the name of her attacker, but many publications write that it is Vergov.

Julian and Theodora have played together more than once and are also very close friends in life.

“In your happy bubble are Vlado Penev, Karamazov, Yuli Vergov. I’ve seen all kinds of people in the pictures. What do you get from them?

“For example, from Yuli Vergov?”

This question visibly worried the actress and maybe she wasn’t ready for it, because she started stuttering and, despite their close relationship, she answered with a cliché: “There are so many things I can say about Yuli, and they’re all good. Since July…a true friend.”


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