LastPass hack: several other GoTo parent company services also affected

Could the LastPass and GoTo hack be even bigger than previously announced? The Password Manager Parent Company communicated new elements about the intrusion into his backup system over the past few months.

Hamachi,, Central…

On November 30, 2022, LastPass had confirmed an intrusion into its systems by the voice of Karim Toubba, general manager of the service. He claimed that an unauthorized third party had gained access to certain customer information stored on a shared cloud between GoTo and LastPass. In his recent statement from January 23, 2023, Paddy Srinivasan lists new services that appear to have been affected.

In detail, the Central software used for professional communication, the online meeting service, the Hamachi VPN server and the RemotelyAnywhere remote access tool were allegedly compromised during this attack. Worse still, the group’s services realized that the attacker had been able to recover an encryption key for some of the backups. Information exposed could include usernames, passwords in principle “salted and chopped”, as well as data related to multi-factor authentication (MFA). Product settings and licensing information might also have been exposed.

“Additionally, while Rescue and GoToMyPC’s encrypted databases were not exfiltrated, the MFA settings of a small subset of their customers were impacted”adds GoTo.

Accounts migrated to a new platform

Paddy Srinivasan claims to make every effort to directly contact customers affected by the hack. Additional information and enhanced security advice will be communicated. At the same time, the passwords of the affected accounts will be reset. MFA authentication will be reauthorized in specific cases. Measures justified by a “excessive caution”even though “the passwords of all accounts have been salted [procédé qui désigne l’ajout de caractères sur un mot de passe par sécurité, NDLR] and chopped according to best practices”explains the CEO of the group.

Finally, users who are victims of the cyberattack will see their account migrated to a new, more secure platform, with improved identity management and more robust authentication. Pending the conclusion of the case, GoTo claims to continue to investigate this hack.

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