Lapierre adds five models to its range of urban and touring e-bikes

Lapierre, a French bicycle manufacturer, takes the shift to electric very seriously. While its E-Urban and E-Explorer ranges of VAE were greatly expanded at the end of 2021, five additional models are announced. All these newcomers incorporate Bosch central motors and benefit from the joys of the German company’s Smart System, with the exception of the most modest of the troop.

The only new member of the city pedelec family is the E-Urban 4.5. Offered in a unique open-frame version, the 4.5 is based on a Bosch Active Line Plus motor combined with a 500 Wh battery integrated into the frame. The huge surprise, which nevertheless reflects a fundamental trend in the market, is the use of an 8-speed Shimano Tourney transmission. An entry-level model that stands out on an electric bike sold for €2,799. In November 2021, Lapierre was still offering higher range levels (Altus or Alivio) on models at €2,000.

The new products announced by Bosch in the summer of 2022 are entering the E-Explorer family and its touring-oriented bikes. Lapierre now has an E-Explorer 5.5 equipped with a Bosch Performance Line motor and a 500 Wh battery. This model comes in closed-frame and open-frame versions—or Low Step, depending on the manufacturer’s nomenclature. Here again, the difficulties in supplying components seem to have had an impact since we find a Shimano Altus 9-speed transmission while Deore was offered at the same price a few months ago. At €3,099, the Lapierre E-Explorer nevertheless falls within the norm in terms of equipment/price ratio.

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Further up the range, the E-Explorer 7.6, which already existed, changes supplier from Yamaha to Bosch in terms of motorization. A transfer that necessarily involves a restyling of the frame to accommodate the Performance Line CX, compatible with the Smart System. The battery capacity is almost unchanged, going from 630 to 625 Wh. While a 7.6 Mix was previously offered, with a semi-open frame, it is now a real Low version that is offered. Good news, the E-Explorer 7.6 retains a Shimano Deore transmission, but its cassette goes from 11 to 10 speeds. The price rises from 3499 to 3699 €.

Finally, the Lapierre 8 series is also evolving. The existing E-Explorer 8.7 abandons the Bosch Performance engine to switch to the latest version of the Performance CX, still supported by a 750 Wh battery. The price increase is a little more contained for this model, which goes from 4099 to 4199 €. The 8.7 is also offered in an open-frame Low version.

The E-Explorer 8.6 FS completes the ball of novelties. This model intends to offer a fully suspended frame for a price lower than the €5099 claimed for an E-Explorer 9.7 FS. The 8.6 FS can count on a fork and a shock absorber each offering 140 mm of travel, enough to face a good number of terrains. This “almost eMTB” is equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX central motor and benefits from the new 625 Wh battery compatible with the Smart System. The E-Explorer 8.6 FS can rely on a Shimano Deore transmission and sees its price set at 4799 €.

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