Lambeau’s love affair with Camellia is hot…

The 80th anniversary of the birth of Stefan Danailov, which we celebrated at the beginning of December, provoked a number of local popular personalities to publicly share what kind of relationship they had with the great actor. However, what they told about love affairs seriously irritated Irene Krivoshieva, who is the only woman who gave birth to an heir of the late actor, writes Show Blitz.

After the jazz singer Kamelia Todorova also shared that she experienced a passionate romance with Danailov, but their relationship had no future, the actress burst out with a comment: “God forgive him! It turns out that all women had a romance with Stefan Danailov, only with me he didn’t have. With me, poor thing, only a child, no romance. That’s why I’m silent.”

Stefan Danailov and Irene Krivoshieva fell in love way back in 1986, on the set of the film “Poema”, in which they were co-stars. Their fling was short, but unbeknownst to them, it left them connected forever after their son was born. At first Lambeau thought Irene had an abortion, but it later became clear that she had decided to keep the child. He recognized his son, but kept the appearance of the illegitimate child a secret from his beloved wife Mary.

However, the rumors somehow reached her and a moment came when the truth became known not only to his wife, but also to the whole of Bulgaria. However, Lambo has always been an exemplary father and has taken responsibility for his only biological heir.

In his last years in this world, the two managed to forgive each other, reconcile and even become very close. The actor also bequeathed almost his entire inheritance to Vladi.


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