Lachezar Petrov: With the people from Levski’s management, we are doing a wonderful job (VIDEO) – Levski

The executive director of the general sponsor of Levski Palms Bet – Lachezar Petrov, gave a special interview to Darik radio and dsport. He commented on current topics at the “blues” and the partnership between the company and the club.

“We are going back historically. Palms Bet helped Levski a year ago before we became a general sponsor. After that, our relationship grew. I dare say that it happened at an important moment and I don’t know if it wasn’t for us how things would have developed. There were 4 to 5 months in which debts had to be settled. We have struck a delicate balance. We see the light.

It is more relaxed as long as there is a built structure. With a sponsor like Palms Bet, things are certainly more relaxed. Hats off to the fans too. It is significant that they filled the stadium after the loss in Nadezhda.

People who work administratively and Stanimir Stoilov work wonders. I can confirm that financial discipline is being followed. No one dared to break the previously drawn plan. We’re on great terms. Like any working machine, we have conversations. They are masculine and constructive. It is normal to have different views, but I would say that is a plus, because in most cases we make the right decisions. On the one hand, we as a sponsor, on the other, the people from the management, are doing a wonderful job.

The partnership is sustainable. Palms Bet overrides its terms and conditions. We have improved all sorts of metrics in our company. I have repeatedly said that having the opportunity to work with the biggest club is an honor and is business justified. We have seen the benefits of being partners with Levski.

We’re here, we’ve signed, no big deal. I have no answer as to why something like that is not invested in the Bulgarian championship. It remains the most rated. PalmsBet and Levski is a wonderful partnership that can serve as an example for people who want to support football and Bulgarian sports.

Our sector is stable, at least for the time being it will not be affected by negative events. Apart from Levski, we help rhythmic gymnastics and dozens of athletes and smaller clubs. The people from the staff who were not for Levski were already on fire.

We have created a tradition of buying tickets for Levski matches to employees. Sometimes we have to buy additional tickets. We have a five-year contract and we will continue to fulfill it. About “United Group” the information that is official is discussed, nothing else.

Supporting sports is part of our social responsibility policy. We help where we can. We are constantly adding new partners, we are an active party. We started in the reverse order of the pyramid, we took the biggest – we took Levski.

We have a dream to come home to our stadium one day and feel like Levski fans deserve. It is indicative how many people go to Sector “A”. Infrastructure is important. I am nostalgic for the time when I was unencumbered and watched from Sector B.

As a supporter, what Murray has done in one year and how he’s transformed the level just shows his level as a coach. Out of seven – eight transfers, only one was confused – Ante Blažević. All the others are not just good footballers, but very good footballers. He made them play and transformed the look. Those who used to play hesitantly are now playing very well.

The full stadium, padded with the sports results – winning the cup, brings double joy. Seeing these results as both a sponsor and a fan is indispensable. To the fans – to continue to be at the stadium and support”, said Petrov.

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