Lab: the Erazer Beast X40, a water-cooled laptop

Currently being tested, the Medion Erazer Beast X40 laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i9-13900HX processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. If the cooling system is correctly sized from the start, as you will have the opportunity to see in the test, Medion has seen fit to offer an optional water cooling system for its beast.

An ingenious system

The Erazer Cooling Kit is an external module that plugs into the back of the PC using an ingenious magnetic system. About the size of a large external hard drive, the Cooling Kit is plug-and-play, obviously after filling up with water.

Inside, we find the pump that circulates the water in our circuit, a 120 mm radiator accompanied by an RGB fan, and of course the tank that contains our coolant.

Power is supplied via the laptop charger, an extension cord then making it possible to make the connection between the Cooling Kit and the laptop to power the latter.

The Medion Control Center app is responsible for synchronizing the Cooling Kit via Bluetooth. It is therefore possible to adjust the operation of the kit as well as the backlighting of the fan. Care should be taken to stop the watercooling system before connecting/disconnecting the pipes. A few drops of liquid may however flow out during this operation, but nothing to worry about. You must also be careful when checking the connections, otherwise the leak is guaranteed.

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22°C less on the GPU!

Switching on the Cooling Kit logically lowers the temperatures of the Erazer Beast X40. Thus, under the thermal camera, we note a drop in temperature at the level of the keyboard of around 2.9°C, from 46.4 to 43.5°C.

With water cooling
Without water cooling

It is at the level of the GPU that the temperature drop is the most marked. Thus, in game, we had recorded an average temperature of 78.6°C; by adding the watercooling system, the average temperature of the RTX 4090 drops to 66.9°C, a drop of almost 18%. This temperature drop allows the RTX 4090 to increase its operating frequencies from 1.99 GHz to 2.19 GHz.

The Intel Core i9-13900HX processor does not see its temperatures drop for the simple reason that the latter increases its frequencies as long as it does not reach the temperature thresholds defined by Intel. Thus, during our traditional encoding, the average frequency of the processor’s P-cores goes from 3.563 GHz to 3.887 GHz, while its average consumption goes from 106 W to 130 W.

These increases in frequencies obtained thanks to the efficiency of the cooling make it possible to obtain an average gain of 7% under Cyberpunk 2077 in 2560×1600 and a processing time reduced by 4% on our video encoding, which only requires the processor.

Reduced noise pollution

Significant point: noise pollution is down. In Turbo mode, our sound level meter goes from 45.9 dB to 40.8 dB, a drop of 11%. Same observation in Balance mode – from 44.1 dB to 38.8 dB –, while the result is more anecdotal in Office mode – which does not allow playing, the frequencies playing yoyo – the noise pollution going from 37.9 dB to 35.7dB. Note that all of these measurements are taken in-game; at rest, the PC fans cut out and are therefore inaudible, while the watercooling system still emits a slight hum coming from the pump.

During the announcement of the Erazer Beast X40 from Medion, the presentation of the Erazer Cooling Kit could make you smile, raising fears of a gadget. It is clear that this is not the case, since performance is up, temperatures and noise pollution are down. It is therefore a real option to consider if the water does not scare you. The complete review of the Medion Erazer Beast X40 can be found at the end of the week on Digital.

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