La Redoute offers these appliances that make life easier at very reduced prices for Black Friday

To cook a variety of dishes or clean at home with style and efficiency, La Redoute offers discounted prices on a series of trendy products, only during Black Friday. Dyson, Magimix, Kenwood and its kMix or even Moulinex, take advantage of major brands at very reduced prices.

Ironing a shirt in one minute, vacuuming with maximum efficiency or eating all month long without ever making the same dish again and impressing your guests, here is a selection of products that will save you time and take pleasure in tasks that do not are not particularly conducive to it. Here are the good plans for household appliances.

Kenwood kMix KMX750CR pastry robot at €259 instead of €369.99

You will be able to make homemade bread, homemade pizza dough, homemade pastry cream, homemade cakes, or fresh homemade pasta. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than eating what you made yourself, at home! The Kenwood kMix stand mixer needs no introduction as it has been seen on cooking shows. This KMX750CR version sports the brand’s latest design in a cream color (no pun intended), a 5L bowl, a 1000 watt motor and a splash guard. This version includes a pastry kit (kneader, whisk and beater). Become an expert in cooking at a reduced price by benefiting from 30% offi.e. €259 instead of €369.99 on the La Redoute website only during Black Friday.

The Kenwood kMix KM750CR pastry robot.

© Kenwood

Magimix CS 3200XL multifunction robot at €219 instead of €299.99

Winter took a long time to show the end of its snowflakes. But it happens! The perfect time to make some seasonal soups with the Magimix CS 3200XL multifunction food processor. Or prepare a fruit smoothie fresh from the market gardener. The two bowl sizes (2.6L and 2.2L) and a 1.2L mini bowl allow you to adapt the preparations. The XL chute allows you to insert fruit and vegetables without having to cut them into small pieces. All with Magimix quality. Count €219 instead of €299.99 on the La Redoute websiteonly during Black Friday.

Magimix CS 3200XL Multifiction Robot

The Magimix CS 3200XL multifunction food processor.

© Magimix

Moulinex Companion XL HF80C800 food processor at €469.99 instead of €799.99

You like to cook fancy dishes for your guests, but you’re not the best-dressed chef in the family and no little animals are there to help you. You will be able to cheat. With 12 automatic programs, an XL bowl, cooking from 30°C to 150°C and a new more ergonomic and accessible design, the Moulinex Companion XL will work for you and let you reap the laurels of success. Or simply allow you to taste tasty dishes almost made by you. With 300 recipes included, ideas won’t run out and neither will time. La Redoute offers you an exceptional discount of 41%, i.e. €469.99 instead of €799.99 during Black Friday. Something to invite and delight those around you.

Dyson Bigball parquet 2 bagless vacuum cleaner at €229 instead of €299.99

You remember your proud neighbor showing you his Dyson vacuum cleaner. Since that day, you have dreamed of giving your floor a tool that will allow you, too, to show an outward sign of style and efficiency. Intended for parquet floors (but not only), this Dyson Bigball vacuum cleaner with wire but without bag and without limit of autonomy will transform a daily chore into a pleasant moment. The 1.5 liter tank only requires monthly washing. The pneumatic brush adapts to all surfaces and the hard floor brush will make vacuuming carpets quick and easy. La Redoute offers you 18% off this Dyson Bigball parquet 2i.e. €229 instead of €299.99.

Dyson Bigball bagless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson Bigball Parquet 2 bagless vacuum cleaner.

© Dyson

Moulinex Cookeo multicooker robot + 150 recipes CE851910 at €199 instead of €269.99

Have you always dreamed of being a great chef, but you only have a small budget? Moulinex thought of you when creating the Cookeo. With 6 cooking modes and 3 temperature levels, the range of possible recipes is immense. In addition, Moulinex has programmed 150 recipes so that you don’t find yourself lacking inspiration. And if despite everything this is the case, know that the Cookeo is connected. You will be able to expand your chef’s catalog by downloading new recipes via the (free) Moulinex application. The 6 liter capacity proves that a small price means big possibilities. Because the Cookeo is basically very affordable. But La Redoute makes it even more accessible by offering it at €199 instead of €269.99. That is 26% discount and this, only on the occasion of Black Friday.

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