La Liga with an important decision for Barcelona – Football World – Spain

La Liga with an important decision for Barcelona – Football World – Spain

The Spanish Football League has significantly raised Barcelona’s spending limit for this season after the Catalans sold part of their TV rights for the next quarter of a century and other assets to balance their finances this summer.

Barcelona have been given permission to spend €656m on players and staff this season, including wages, according to the per-club spending limits published by La Liga today. That’s a huge jump after the club’s cap was actually negative last winter.

To recover from its dire financial situation, the club managed by Joan Laporta had to sell 25 percent of its TV rights for the Spanish league for the next 25 years and other assets for around 870 million euros in July and August.

The club used around €160 million to sign Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha and Jules Kunde. Another third went to pay off the huge debt of around 1 billion euros that Barcelona built up thanks to their high wages and huge transfer fees paid by Laporta’s predecessor and the impact of the pandemic on revenue.

Barcelona are back in second place in the league’s spending limit rankings. Real Madrid leads with 683 million euros. Atlético Madrid are third with €341 million, while Girona and Elche are at the bottom with €42 million.

The league calculates spending limits based on club revenue compared to spending and short-term debt payments planned for the upcoming season.