Kyiv sent the dead sniper-recon Tengri into anonymity (gallery)

Military, relatives and ordinary citizens of the Ukrainian capital said goodbye in the St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv to the legendary sniper-reconnaissance and special agent with the nickname Tengri. Even after his death, the identity of the fighter was not revealed and his face was hidden in the portrait worn by soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Specialist, sniper-recon with the largest number of successfully completed super complex and extremely risky tasks. The feat of the Great Warrior is legendary at the front as an example of courage, manhood and sometimes superhuman abilities. A professional, a virtuoso in his work, he helped everyone and taught the young, passing on his knowledge and experience. On the Tengri front, he was known to all divisions and personally to the heads of special operations, who often conferred with him. The best warriors at the front were proud of their friendship with this Great Warrior,” recalls volunteer Natalia Voronkova, quoted by

“Tengri. A warrior. Killer. On the starting set of parameters, it should survive a nuclear war. It looks like a geranium uncle of an indeterminate age.” – wrote about the deceased Sergey Bondar from the “Harpoon” division of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine.

Who is “Tengri”, everyone is talking about him today, Ukrainians ask themselves on social networks. “I saw him in a picture with his face covered. Is this someone famous?” “Spies are never famous. It was from the Central Intelligence Agency. It was just that in these circles he was a legendary person and the most effective in the performance of combat tasks. Of course, only his most faithful close brothers and the leadership knew him.”

The Russian side announced that in the area of ​​the special military operation, as the war against Ukraine is called in Moscow, the officer of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine with the call sign Tengri, widely popular in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was destroyed.


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