Kuzmanov left his home club because of a scandalous attitude, he is thinking about a tennis academy in Plovdiv

Bulgaria’s second racket in tennis Dimitar Kuzmanov is leaving his home club Lokomotiv Plovdiv, after his mother Dora Rangelova and uncle Stefan Rangelov have not been part of it for several days.

The tennis player, who is part of Bulgaria’s team for the Davis Cup this week in the match against South Africa, and will also play at the Sofia Open at the end of September, wrote on social networks his point of view and explained why he is leaving the place where has started and spent his career thus far as a club competitor.

Here is Miko’s Facebook post:

“Friends, I find it difficult to find the words to announce it, but the circumstances are like this – I am leaving my native TC “Locomotive Plovdiv”. I was conceived as a locomotive driver, I grew up as a locomotive driver in a family of hereditary locomotive drivers, my soul is black and white and today it suffers.

I did not believe that the time would come to part with Lokomotiv Plovdiv TC, of ​​which my grandfather was one of the founders, but it happened. I am leaving the club after everything was done to make me feel like an uninvited guest in my native home – the courts of the Lokomotiv complex next to the Plovdiv stadium. Since that day, my mother Dora Rangelova and my uncle Stefan Rangelov are not part of the club, having given their lives for it. They both agreed to leave the club after TK “Lokomotiv Plovdiv” has a new management, who treated them in an unscrupulous and extremely disrespectful way, as well as me on the rare occasions when I went home to Plovdiv in recent months.

They are my family and I cannot stay competing where Dora Rangelova – honored master of sports, 14 years captain of Bulgaria for “Fed Cup” and “Billie Jean King Cup”, 15 years executive director of TC “Lokomotiv Plovdiv” and Stefan Rangelov, my personal trainer since the beginning of my racing career, are underestimated and the attitude of the new managers is unacceptable!

I am taking a new path, but I remain forever a part of the black and white community. Me, my family and the people who are with me with me and behind me will make a new club in which there will be no backstage and thin investor accounts. In it, the important things will be professionalism, dedication to tennis, the development of young talents, the efforts of coaches and parents.

Plovdiv has been waiting for its tennis academy for many years. I will pursue this idea after my racing career is over. I have the support of my family and my future partners. I hope to have the support of the local government in the city, which has long been indebted to sports.

Until then – support me at every match and tournament. Everywhere I play there is the Bulgarian flag.”

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