Krasi Avramov to Life: There is chemistry between me and Velina Uzunova, but nothing is known yet

Krasimir Avramov, or as most of us probably know him – The Human Voice, started playing music from an early age, as he himself says, “even at the age of 7, I knew what I wanted from life”.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you his entire professional history, as it is vast, but the reason for our meeting is his new song “Rarole” or “Dumi” in Bulgarian. Words that are nothing if we don’t back them up with actions.

The premiere of the song took place on October 19, and just two weeks later it went to Serbia on the music radio and TV channel Muzzik.

We talk to him personally about how the song was born, whether the marriage proposal in the music video for it could turn out to be real, what to expect from the second part of “Parole” and a bunch of other interesting things.

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Let’s start first with your latest song, which you presented to the audience a week ago. I know it’s a return to your style of music, but how did the idea for the track come about?

I dare say that in recent years I have released songs with which I have more or less distanced myself, trying to adapt to the preferences of the public. When I traveled the world doing concerts, everyone welcomed the Voice Man and applauded his music, but when I came back home, I was told that I should be more commercial, because people here did not like different and could not accept it. Subconsciously, I began to follow this advice, until at some point I realized that in fact, by following it, I was not doing myself a favor at all.

That’s how the idea for “Parole” came about, born quite by chance during a performance with one of the best violinists I’ve ever heard – Kremena Nikolova-Oxenkrug. It is she who plays in the single. Then the producer behind the song said that if we could come up with a joint track in the next 10 minutes, then he was willing to sponsor it. The interesting thing was that the contract we signed then was on a napkin. However, this did not bother me at all, because I knew that if he promised something, he would one hundred percent do it. That’s why I immediately got up from the table and started walking around the floors of the hotel we were staying in, because for me, inspiration generally comes on the move. So, climbing the steps, I came up with a tune that everyone liked. The only person I was sure could make an arrangement was Borislav Boyadzhiev-Borche.

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“Parole”. Why that title and what did you mean by it?

Translated from the Italian language, “parole” means “words”, and we all know that they have great power, with which they can both protect us and bring us down. But for this to happen, they must be backed up with action. You don’t just have to tell someone you love them, you also have to prove it – that’s what the song is about.

We can’t help but talk about a key moment in the song, namely the marriage proposal. Could you let us know if this is just for the music video or something between you two in real life?

We met her on a TV show in which we both participated. We knew right away that we were kindred spirits. We started sharing things that one cannot tell everyone. The people on the team were so surprised by this sudden connection of ours that they even thought we knew each other from before, which was not the case. She is a very beautiful, classy and smart woman. After the end of filming, we started to see each other more and more often, and when we are not together we keep in touch. At this point, I can’t say if there could be anything serious between us, because our professional commitments often take us to different places. There is chemistry, but nothing more I can say.

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At the end of the clip, the caption “To be continued” appears. Have you already started thinking about a script for the second part and how the story will develop in it?

Many people who watched the video told me that they had hoped the ending would be different. Then I decided that I should make a second part as well. However, I think that the action in it will develop not in Belgrade, but in Dubai. The idea is to meet there after years by chance, after each of us has gone our separate ways. I would like the sequel to come out in May or June next year, but it depends on many factors.

You said you signed a contract with one of the leading pop-folk companies in our country, but would you switch to this genre of music?

To be honest, I received such an offer 12 years ago, but even then I replied that I wouldn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t want to break myself to get into this style, so I refused. Now my answer would be the same.

Why did you decide to leave the Bulgarian audience and go to the USA?

In 1998, I was at the peak of fame and performed the most spectacular concerts in Bulgaria. At one point I felt that Bulgaria was small for me and I wanted the world stage. When I went to America, I decided to stay and live there. I went to the USA with a Bulgarian group, but when the time came to return to the homeland, I simply did not show up at the airport.

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I will take you back to the distant 2009, when you were chosen to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision. Then a lot of negative comments poured in your address. How did you manage all this?

I entered the business at only 8 years old and from then until now I have been through many things that have shaped me as a person, a person and a performer. One bad word can’t take all that away from me, no matter who said it.

I can’t deny that I made big mistakes during Eurovision, one of which was the first time I let someone interfere with my work. They changed the arrangement of the song I created so much that the end result had nothing to do with it. I’m glad it happened because it opened my eyes to a lot of things. I became wiser and stronger, for example.

You are the first Bulgarian to perform a solo concert in the hall where the Oscars are presented – “Kodak Theater”. How does it feel to fill such a big place?

When I went to America, I walked right around this hall and told myself that one day I would sing on its stage. Of course, no one believed me then, but it happened. Everyone told me that I wouldn’t be able to fill it, but despite their words, I didn’t stop believing in myself.

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I know you know a lot of famous personalities, but is there one of them that stands out to you e made a strong impression to want to do a duet with her?

To be honest, I didn’t want to do duets, but for people I respect and admire, the first name that comes to mind is Celine Dion. I learned a lot from her, like behavior. However, as much as I like her, it was never a fixed idea for me to work with her.

Another person you’ve dated is the singer Cher and I know you have an interesting story behind her. Would you tell us about it?

A friend of mine worked at one of the most visited furniture stores in Hollywood. One day he called me and told me to go the fastest way to his workplace, taking my music album with me. Of course I asked him what was going on, but he never answered. When I arrived, he introduced me to a woman wearing a headscarf. I didn’t know why I had to give her my CD, but I did, and she responded nicely, promising to listen to it. After I left, my friend asked me, “are you glad you met Cher” and I was just dumbfounded.

Now I’m going to take you back a bit to when you moved to the US. Many people, after going abroad, stay there. What made you return to your homeland?

In 2008, my team and I were preparing a solo show of mine that was supposed to be performed every week in Las Vegas, but then the global financial crisis hit and it fell through. Trying to come up with a plan of what to do, I decided to go back to Bulgaria for a while, but things turned out so that I stayed here. However, I continue to travel, returning to the US frequently to this day.

We mentioned at the beginning that we expect a sequel to the song “Parole“, but what else is next for you professionally?

The plan that I have not been able to carry out for the past three years is a concert that we have been working on for a long time. It is about an event that will take place on September 13, 2023 in Plovdiv, and I want it to be of national importance. My idea is to restore the Ancient Theater. I will also present many new and different pieces there.

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