Krasi Avramov proposes marriage to Velina Uzunova

A houseboat that has entered the calm waters of a river, on whose surface the flames of dozens of lighted torches are reflected, turns out to be the place where the navigation system takes the model Velina Uzunova. Shortly before the last rays of the sun fade, sinking silently behind the horizon, she stops her car in front of the narrow bridge leading to the building, located meters from the shore. However, this is not where she expected to end up when she entered the coordinates sent to her by her friend into the device, following its directions, not knowing that they were leading her to what she was actually desperately trying to escape from…

Seeking relief from the pain that came with the sudden end of her relationship, she wishes to put her past behind her for good. But he has no intention of letting her, waiting patiently for her to go to him behind the facade of the house, where she will have to make one of the most important decisions of her life, and more precisely whether to bind him forever to that of the man who broke her heart. There, without a trace of guilt for the grief he caused her, Krasi Avramov is waiting for her, and in front of him stands an open box with a ring, the diamond of which glimmers in the gradually dying light.

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What Velina’s answer will be, we will find out in the video for the singer’s new single, entitled “Parole” (“Words”), which was released a day ago. The footage in it will take us to the beautiful Belgrade, where we will witness a different kind of love story, exploring how far someone is capable of going to make sure that the one he loves really belongs to him completely, or if his devotion is only in words.

With this song, the artist whose exceptional vocal capabilities earned him the nickname The Human Voice returns to his established style, a thrilling symbiosis between pop and opera. It was with him at the time that he won the prestigious award “Superstar of the year” at the “Los Angeles Music Awards”, which he confirmed with a spectacular solo concert, held in front of a full hall in the home of the Oscars, “Dolby Theater”, remaining to this day the only Bulgarian, performed his own show there.

I decided it was high time I stopped running from myself, trying to be like everyone else“, shares Krasimir. “Still, this is me – who I’ve always been, regardless of the compromises I’ve made musically“, he says, referring to his new project, which is being implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund.

The official premiere of “Parole” took place yesterday in a metropolitan venue located in the very heart of the city. She gathered in one place a number of the stars of the native show business, who wanted to be the first to hear the song, as well as see the visual for it. Among those present were the first “bachelor” of our country Viktor Stoyanov, who arrived hand in hand with his partner Maria Tarashmanova, as well as the legend of Bulgarian folk music Yanka Rupkina, who has known Krasi since childhood and has always supported him in his professional path. PR specialist Iva Ekimova, forecaster Nikolay Vasilkovski, actress Elena Karaboycheva, singers Diana Dafova, Ann G and Tsveti Radojcheva, pop-folk artist Krum, as well as models, lawyers, journalists and others were also guests of the event. Unfortunately, Velina Uzunova herself was unable to come to the premiere, but appeared on the big screen via a direct video link, apologizing that she had to fly to the United Arab Emirates at the last minute for an engagement. After the first screening of the video, Avramov performed several hit songs from his repertoire, which brought the crowd to their feet.

Krasimir wrote the music for “Parole” himself, and the text was written by his long-time close friend Anna Montgomery – daughter of the successful American opera singer Kay Montgomery, who conquered some of the biggest stages in Europe, who became Krasimir’s vocal teacher when he settled in America. The arrangement of the song is made by one of the most talented musicians in our country, Borislav Boyadzhiev-Borche, and the violin that sounds in it comes to life in a virtuoso way in the hands of the world-famous violinist Kremena Nikolova-Oxenkrug, who is the director of the Symphony Orchestra in the city of Sliven.

The director and cinematographer of the impressive clip, filmed over three days against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful locations in the Serbian capital, is Momcil Aleksandrov, who has worked abroad for years, shooting cinema productions in Spain and Morocco. Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that the video, whose second operator is Svetlin Yordanov, feels more like a short film.

Photo: Dir.bg

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