Kostadinov and Bulgaria caused me the greatest pain

Kostadinov and Bulgaria caused me the greatest pain

This was the moment that broke the French legend’s heart when he was 16 years old

The French legend of world football, Thierry Henry, announced that his most painful moment as a fan was on November 17, 1993 – when Emil Kostadinov cut the “roosters” in the last moment for Bulgaria’s 2:1 success, and France flew out of the World Cup championship in 1994.

Henry was a guest in the CBS Sport studio. The presenter asked him the following question: “What was the most heartbreaking moment of your life – as a fan, not as a player?”

“When Kostadinov scored for Bulgaria at Parc des Princes and threw France out of the World Cup,” answered Thierry Henry without thinking.

“Two games before the end, we should have won one point, but…” he continued with a sigh of pain.

“It was a team mistake. It just wasn’t supposed to happen. But Kostadinov scored that goal in the last moment of the match”, said the 45-year-old Henri.

At the time of scoring that painful Kostadinov goal, Henry was 16 years old.

Precisely continued his way up in football at the school of “Monaco”, after shining with his football talent at the school of the French federation in Clairfontein. For the young man dreaming of football development, the incident at Parc des Princes in November 1993 left a lasting impression. A year later, when Bulgaria, and not France, played at the World Cup in the USA, the real football story for Henry began. At the age of 17, he played in the first team of “Monaco” under the leadership of Arsene Wenger, and subsequently became one of the most iconic goalscorers and footballers in general in the history of the English Premier League with his appearances for “Arsenal”. He also plays for “Juventus”, “Barcelona” and “New York Red Bulls”.

A few days ago, Yuri Djorkaeff revealed that he was supposed to play in that match against Bulgaria in 1993, but at the last minute coach Gerard Houllier opted for David Ginola. It was because of a mistake by Ginola that the “lions” stole the ball and started their deadly attack in the final moment of the match.

“I should have played in that match, not David. Gerard Houllier sent us to warm up. Emme Jacquet told me I was in the squad. But Parc des Princes started chanting Ginola’s name. This made Gerard hesitate. Finally, he bet on David. Without the pressure from Parc des Princes, I would have played against Bulgaria. I’m sorry that we pointed the finger at David in that case. We all lost, and it wasn’t the fault of a particular person,” Dzhorkaef added.