Konyks Priska Max 3 review: the ultra-complete and affordable connected plug

The application available for Android and iOS devices brings together all the brand’s products, which form a complete ecosystem compatible with voice assistants. This latest generation brings new features that are only noticeable from the application. Unfortunately, their implementation required material changes, certainly invisible, but very real. De facto, earlier models are deprived of it. Shame.

Once configured, the socket, whose name can be personalized, appears in a banner on the home page, with a button allowing the socket to be quickly switched on and off, and therefore the device(s) connected to it. A shortcut is also provided there to access the “Common functions”: this virtual switch is found there, but also the “Timer” and “Child safety” functions. This lock is one of the novelties. It quite simply prevents children from using the socket or more precisely its button. To go further, press the strip of the socket.

No need to dwell on the big switch in the center of the new page which then opens. The band at the bottom is a little more interesting. Once again we find the switch, but above all it gives access to the schedule, statistics and settings.

The schedule refers to the programming options, which are enriched with a random mode presented as optimal for simulating a presence. In a few clicks, the user can establish a schedule by defining time slots for the different days of the week, and the desired status for the outlet. A cycle corresponds to the same thing, but with two states: turn on at one time and turn off at another. The “Timer” mode switches off the socket after a defined time and finally the “Automatic shutdown” mode switches off the socket after x minutes after it is switched on, and this in a systematic way. Practical for example for a child’s night light. The “Statistics” tab allows you to assess the real-time consumption of the device connected to the socket. It also provides access to annual and monthly statistics.

In the “Settings” menu, the main new features appear. This is where the user can choose to cut the LED permanently or only when the socket is off. It is also possible to reverse the logic so that the LED lights up when the socket is off. A way to be alerted when the pump of an aquarium is not running, for example. The menu is also enriched with a “History” function which brings together any change in the status of the socket. Another very interesting function: the definition of the status of the outlet following a power cut. After a cut, it is therefore possible to define whether the socket should turn on again or remain off when the power returns.

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