Klopp revealed the move with which he will stabilize Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the formula he will use to stabilize the team’s performance.

The German specialist is adamant that the rivals have learned the game plan of the Merseysiders well and that is why it will be changed.

For a long time, Klopp stuck to 4-3-3, but against Glasgow Rangers, Klopp bet on four attacking players and in different periods of the match, the line-up seemed to be arranged differently – from 4-2-3-1 to 4-2-4 , to 4-4-2. However, the midfielder refused to reveal whether that would be the case in Sunday’s derby with leaders Arsenal.

“We’re still working on finding a way out of the problems defensively. We can’t say that after one game we’re back. We need consistency. I don’t need short-term solutions. We have to be good until we’re outstanding. We continue to we’re improving. Arsenal away, Rangers away, Man City… I’m optimistic. These players are still outstanding.

Will I be using the game plan from the Rangers game? Every scheme in the world has weaknesses. It all depends on what we have done and with what intensity we play. There is no universal scheme that you can rely on every time and claim that it is perfect. It is important for us to become unpredictable again for the opponent. That’s why we need different buildings,” explained Klopp.

For the match with Arsenal, the specialist will be able to rely on Curtis Jones, who is returning from injury.

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