Klitschko threw a bomb – Fights – Boxing

Klitschko threw a bomb – Fights – Boxing

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, who is now the mayor of Kyiv, has announced that he is divorcing his wife Natalya after 25 years of marriage.

“It’s no secret that for many years we have been living not only in different cities, but also in different countries. And we decided to formalize it. We are still on good terms, we respect each other, the children are now adults, and life goes on,” Klitschko admitted and added that the divorce was “the desire of both parties”.

According to Strana, they have not been together for a long time. Natalia lives alone in a huge family estate in a prestigious district of Hamburg and appears in the capital of Ukraine only on the day of the vote or at significant public events.

Vitaly and Natalya got married in April 1997 and this year they celebrated their silver wedding – 25 years together. They have three children – Yegor-Daniel (22 years old), Elizabeth-Victoria (19 years old) and Maxim (17 years old). They are pursuing higher education in England and only come to visit their mother during the holidays.

Recently, Natalia has become more active in social networks. Before the war, she showed her carefree everyday life: lots of cooking stories and pictures of yoga and meditation. But after February 24, he started writing about his participation in various charity events in support of Ukraine. She acts as a goodwill ambassador or raises money as a singer to help her country. Natalya gives many interviews to German TV channels and participates in talk shows.