KitchenAid revamps its Artisan lift-head with two capacities and 11 speeds

The KitchenAid Artisan returns in a new version, one more! We could even speak of two versions since two capacities are already planned: 5.6 liters for the 5KSM60SPX and 6.6 liters for the 5KSM70SHX. The second is also accompanied by a more durable and more complete baking kit since it includes a beater with flexible edges in addition to a whisk, a beater and a hook all in stainless steel, but the we find the same components on the robot side.

Lift-up bowl and 325 W motor with direct drive

Unlike the 3.3-litre and 4.8-litre versions, the new Artisan does not feature a tilting head. It is at home the bowl that goes up and down to facilitate the installation of accessories, as on the 6.9-litre version.

L’Artisan in its version with a 5.6-litre lifting bowl, in its Pistachio Macaron colour.

© KitchenAid

The engine is direct transmission, as is always the case with KitchenAid. On the other hand, it is more reminiscent of the smaller models with its announced power of 325 W, against 500 W for the largest model. The manufacturer also prefers to compare this new model to the classic Heavy Duty robot, equipped with a 315 W motor and a 4.8 liter bowl (5KPM5).

Either way, the last of the Artisans would be able to make up to 3.7 kg of bread dough in the 5.6 liter bowl and 3.9 kg in the 6.6 liter bowl, or 156 cookies regardless of capacity, which is almost as much, if not more, than the 6.9-litre model, while bringing in a new gearbox for a more precise fit.

More gears and soft start

In addition to the usual 10 speeds, there is a slow speed, half that of speed 1 for delicate mixtures, as is also found on the Artisan Mini. The real novelty therefore lies rather in the possibility of selecting each of the 11 speeds announced, the other models being satisfied with a notch every 2 speeds for the lever. A soft start function is also mentioned to gently increase the speed to the selected one and limit splashing.

The new KitchenAid robot of course also makes it possible to put this motorization at the service of various accessories thanks to the hub on the front and the metal screw that accompanies it. The gear lever is also all metal, as is the body of the robot, which thus gives hope for a long life. It should also be noted to finish that the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty as well as a “15 year repair promise“.

The Artisan 5KSM60SPX with 5.6 liter bowl is launched at the price of 899 € in 5 colors, against 10 for the Artisan 5KSM70SHX at the recommended retail price of 999 €.

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