King Charles, in his first royal Christmas message, expressed concern for the poor

Britain’s King Charles III used the occasion of the British monarch’s annual message to pay close attention to the rising cost of living and to people helping those in need, but he also paid tribute to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, the BBC reported.

This is the first Christmas message of King Charles III, whose coronation ceremony will take place in the spring of next year, BTA recalls.

In his speech, he spoke of the great anxiety and hardship of those trying to pay their bills and struggling to feed their families and keep their homes warm. This statement came at a time when inflation in the country is reaching almost 11%.

The king’s message was pre-recorded at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth II’s close family funeral service followed a state funeral at Westminster Abbey in September. The video of Charles III’s message also featured footage of soup kitchens, food banks and organizations and volunteers helping the homeless.

“I especially want to pay tribute to all those amazing people who so generously provide food and make monetary donations, or dedicate their most valuable possession – their time – to support those around them who need it most.” , Charles said in his message.

Buckingham Palace has already announced that the monarch has decided that all funds donated after the death of Elizabeth II will go to a charity that helps those people who cannot pay their energy bills.

Charles III also mentioned in his speech those who face war, famine or natural disasters, as well as the military and emergency services and health workers who work tirelessly to keep the country safe.

Themes in Charles III’s Christmas message included issues to which he has devoted himself, namely caring for the disadvantaged, the importance of public service and support for a multi-faith approach to faith, the BBC notes.

Charles III also stated that in humbly helping others one can find hope for the future.

In his Nativity speech, King Charles III remembered his late mother, who was buried in St George’s Chapel next to her husband.

“Christmas is a particularly painful time for those of us who have lost loved ones. We feel their absence at every change of season and remember them in every tradition we love and cherish,” he said.

“I will never be able to thank you for the love and sympathy you have shown to our entire family,” the king told his compatriots, referring to the period after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch also recalled his mother’s faith in God and in people.

Only those members of the royal family performing their royal duties appeared in the message video, such as Queen Consort Camilla, the Prince and Princess of Wales – William and Kate, Charles’ sister Princess Anne, Charles’ brother Edward and his wife Sophie , who are Dukes of Wessex.

For the video, the king wore a navy blue suit with very fine checks.

At the end of his message, Charles III wished everyone a peaceful, happy Christmas, a Christmas of eternal light.

The tradition of Christmas messages delivered by British monarchs dates back 90 years. The first such message was that of King George V, which was broadcast on the radio at the time. With Queen Elizabeth II, the royal Christmas televised messages began, with the first televised message dating back to 1957.

In her last Christmas message last year, Elizabeth II spoke about handing over the baton of royal duties, British media recall.

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