Kesheru: What was in my soul that I didn’t transfer to PAOK…? I was not myself for a few days – BG Football

Former Ludogorets and Romanian national football team striker Claudiu Kesheru has revealed that his biggest regret in his professional career was not accepting the offer from Greek giants PAOK in the summer of 2019 and missing out on the opportunity to work under his compatriot Razvan Lucescu.

Kesheryu became the best scorer in the club history of Razgrad with 139 goals in the period 2015-2021, helping the team win six consecutive Bulgarian titles.

Last summer, his contract with Ludogorets expired and he returned to his homeland, where he played for Steaua Bucharest Football Club, and from the new season, the 35-year-old ram defends the colors of UTA Arad.

“My biggest regret is without a doubt the fact that I didn’t move to PAOK in 2019. Because I really, really wanted to work with Razvan Lucescu,” commented Kesheru to

“The offer came two or three days before the first official match of Ludogorets for the new season. I had an agreement with the owner of the Bulgarian club to inform him a month before the start of the campaign if I receive an offer and want to leave. I know that in the world of football the given word it doesn’t always work out, but I’ve always tried to do it. I couldn’t do that to the Ludogorets boss just two days before the start. I just had no choice! Even Razvan Lucescu understood me and accepted my decision. But what was in my soul …I wasn’t myself for a few days…I always wondered what would have happened if…,” he added.

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