Kate Middleton – no, she is not the ordinary girl who married a prince

Very often, the stylish, beautiful and perfectly poised Kate Middleton is set as a precedent for the British royal family.

She is generally said to be the first “ordinary girl” to marry a British prince. However, such a perception is deeply wrong – born in 1982, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton may not have come into this world with a title, but she grew up in an extremely rich family, which also gave her an elite education through private colleges.

The responsibility for this lies mostly with Kate’s mother – Carole Middleton.

Her path in life up to a certain point is not easy at all. Carol was born into a wealthy family with distant ties to the royal court, which, however, gradually impoverished. Seeking her fortune at 16, she dropped out of school only to return to the ranks just a year later.

In the meantime, he is also sitting on the French textbooks, which he is studying actively.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Carol was forced to start working and became a secretary. A few years later, thanks to her good French, she managed to become a flight attendant, and it was there that she met her future husband – the flight dispatcher Michael Middleton.

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Carol and Michael Middleton

After the wedding, Catherine, Philippa and James appeared successively. The family is not deprived of anything, but lives rather modestly, until Carol decides that it is time for a serious change. Until then, she is busy taking care of her three children and the household, and the idea of ​​becoming a businesswoman is surprising at first glance.

Not without his worries, Karel founded his catering company Party Pieces, which subsequently changes not only her life, but also her children’s.

Ms Middleton admits to Vogue that she started her venture from her kitchen table, where she made homemade sweets and pretzels and packaged them for customers along with party accessories such as balloons, hats and napkins.

With the first money earned, Carl ordered 10,000 flyers to advertise his business, and from then on the orders started pouring in. By the time Kate met Prince William, the Party Pieces company was already valued at £40 million.

The fortune Carol amassed allowed her to send her children, including Catherine, to private high schools, colleges and elite universities. It was at the University of St. Andrews that Kate met Prince William, with evil tongues claiming that she was deliberately sent there to “hunt for a husband.”

The official version says that the prince and Kate are studying art history and often see each other in the corridors of the university. William feels sparks flying between the two, but finally falls in love with her when he, Catherine and two other friends move into a rented apartment.

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According to Tina Brown and her biography The Palace Papers Behind Kate’s supposedly accidental happy fate is her mother, Carol.

Young Catherine has been accepted to the prestigious University of Edinburgh, where two of her friends are already studying. However, at the last minute, Carol found out that Prince William would be studying at the University of St. Andrews and steered her daughter there.

The biography, written by Brown, recounts how Kate’s mother coached her every move, telling her how to dress to attract the prince and even when to act more demure like the girl next door and when to be more -challenging and sexy to keep his attention.

Royal correspondent Matthew Bell also wrote in 2006 that the meeting between Catherine and Prince William did not appear to be quite the fluke the couple described it as.

Bell adds that Carole Middleton’s intervention was particularly felt after Kate and William split briefly in 2007. One of the pieces of advice Carole gives her daughter is to date the prince’s other ex-girlfriends and try to be photographed.

"My first time was with a woman who treated me like a young stallion"

“He’s going to feel jealous, but he’s also going to feel paranoid about what you can talk about,” Kate’s mother said, according to Bell. He may be right, because the couple doesn’t get together until a few weeks later.

Whatever the truth about the romance between Kate Middleton and Prince William, the fact is that the young British woman is stepping into her role as a princess. She easily learns royal protocol and accepts the rules of dress and behavior imposed in the royal court.

Catherine does not allow opportunities to be criticized by the tabloids and the British adore her for presenting the crown with dignity, without losing her human appearance as a wife in love with her husband and a mother of three children.

“Kate respects the royal family’s past, but that doesn’t stop her from doing things her own way,” noted another royal chronicler, Luther Pinkerton. Meanwhile, she also leads a number of charitable activities dedicated to children, the disabled and those with mental problems.

The British appreciate Kate and her qualities even more in light of the scandals surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which clearly have no intention of abating.

Meghan and Harry open up about the royal family in a new Netflix series

Harry claims that Kate Middleton was extremely negative towards Markle from the start and made her cry several times with scathing remarks – something the royal court strongly denies.

However, most who follow this drama find it hard to believe that a self-possessed person like Catherine could lose her temper not once, but several times, especially with a future relative.

According to those close to the royal court, in fact, Kate was the target of harassment, especially when the former Hollywood actress started making claims about her wedding.

Whatever happened behind closed doors, it in no way harms the attitude towards Middleton on the Island, on the contrary, it strengthens her reputation as an extraordinary woman who became a princess by accident.


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