Kate Middleton is again…

A bombastic news related to Kate Middleton and Prince William shook Great Britain. It is increasingly being said in the media that the princess is pregnant.

This would be the fourth child in their royal family. They already enjoy 9-year-old Prince George, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte and 4-year-old Prince Louis.

Many royal commentators are convinced Prince William and Princess Kate will have a fourth child, but ITV News royal editor Chris Shipp isn’t so sure.

Not only that – he broke more than sensational news related to the possible fourth child of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Shipp poked fun at the speculation, but also argued that the Prince and Princess of Wales might be forgoing a fourth child less for personal reasons than for environmental reasons — and he definitely has a point.

“I was recently in the maternity ward with Kate at a hospital and before I even got there I thought, ‘Oh, Kate’s going to see babies and maybe she’s going to think about having a fourth child,'” Shipp told Sky News Australia.

“You know, it’s entirely possible, of course, that she could have a fourth, although let’s not forget that William and Kate are already in their forties,” Shipp continued.

“I think they’re done with three, that’s my personal prediction, though that’s entirely up to them. If they want to have a fourth, they will,” he added.

Shipp went on to explain that having four children can be harmful to the environment (because of CO2 emissions), which is a very current issue for Prince William, who has made reversing the climate crisis his personal mission in recent years, writes jenata. blitz.bg.


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