Kate Middleton can bring her water! See how Petya Dikova gov…

Petya Dikova demonstrates an English upbringing not only on the small screen, but also in her own family. The presenter from BT spoke to “Vie” even with her mother-in-law, according to people in the know. Her partner, Iliyan Lyubomirov, shared in his text some time ago that his wife uses the polite form when addressing his mother. He himself was very impressed by this refined manner.

It seems to many people that Petya Dikova, unlike many of her colleagues, talks to “You” with everyone in the studio of the program “This Sunday”, which she hosts, and never allows herself to deviate from this rule. She makes no exception even when her guests are her old acquaintances. Recently, Nataliya Simeonova, who gave an interview to Pipi, even announced to the cameras that she was surprised by the address “You”, since the two have long been “you”. The “Fairy of Love”, as the blonde former TV presenter is called, specifically asked that they stick to the informal “you”, which made the host visibly uncomfortable.

If on screen her behavior appears to be well-mannered and professional etiquette, off the job it’s strange to say the least. It turns out that Petya behaves like a member of the English royal family not only in front of the cameras, but also in private life. Pippi very rarely chose to speak to someone in the “you” style, even when it came to her own loved ones. To this day, the star spoke to her mother-in-law as “Vie”, although she has already given birth to two grandchildren.

It is known that Petya Dikova is an English graduate. She studied journalism, theater and translation in London and is very keen to show it at first sight. Pippi never missed an opportunity to show how much she valued good manners. Apart from speaking “You” even to some of her relatives, she never allowed herself to stand on the left side of the escalators, because the rules say you have to stand on the right. She was always careful to dress according to etiquette, spoke quietly, did not allow herself to express her emotions in public, drank nothing but tea and water. In general, she was very refined, and this greatly impressed her husband. However, how her mother-in-law feels, hearing the address “You” from her daughter-in-law, is not clear, writes “Weekend”.


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