Kasai shocked with his statement – he refused to defend the Bulgarian clubs, such was life – BG Football

The chairman of the SC of the BFS – Victor Kasai, commented on the refereeing against the Bulgarian teams in Europe. Kasai refused to defend the home clubs, although Levski, CSKA and Ludogorets were seriously damaged.

He is of the opinion that there have been controversial situations and that the referees at certain times have supported our teams and at others – harmed them.

Kasai commented on the mistakes of the referees that affected the Bulgarian clubs in the following way: “There were controversial moments, but such is life, such is sport. No one is immune from such situations.”

“To be honest, I don’t read the criticisms and comments about the refereeing of the European matches. I have a contract with the BFS and I am only responsible for the Bulgarian referees. I can only comment on their performance.

I watched many matches of the Bulgarian teams in the European tournaments, there were controversial situations. Some situations were judged in favor of the Bulgarian clubs, others to their detriment.

This shows that even at the European level judges are not immune to mistakes. Therefore, when the Bulgarian referees are wrong, we have to think about this thing as well.

Here I want to mention how happy I am that the VAR system works in the efbet League and it supports the Bulgarian referees. And, of course, I want to say again – there were controversial moments, but such is life, such is sport. No one is immune from such situations.

I found out about the incident with Levski and the complaint to UEFA. Unfortunately, I am not a lawyer and I do not know exactly what procedures happened in UEFA, but situations like these serve as a lesson for us and we show them to the Bulgarian judges so that they can react correctly in similar situations.

I am very happy that we have been discussing the European matches for so long, and not the Bulgarian ones, because it means that you will all be happy with the Bulgarian refereeing,” Kasai said.

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