Karamandjukov: Financially we could not afford Brazilians (VIDEO) – Ludogorets

Ludogorets sports director Georgi Karamandzukov spoke at the presentation of the three Brazilian footballers – Pedro Enrique, Pedro Neresi and Nonato. They are the latest additions to the residents of Razgrad. Karamandjukov said former Eagles head coach Paulo Autuori was instrumental in bringing in two of them. The director of the champions also commented on why fewer Brazilians were taken in recent years. The reason is financial.

“As at the last press conference in Sofia, we announced that the selection is open, and with the efforts of the entire management, the entire selection staff, we managed to finalize the transfer of the three competitors. I want to thank the managers in the hall and Mr. Paulo Autuori, who played a very important role for two of those present here to be part of Ludogorets. Gustavo Nonato holds an Italian passport and has no problem taking part. He is available to the head coach of the club. For the other two boys, we are waiting for a work and residence permit on the territory of Bulgaria, and they will also be available,” said Karamandjukov.

“They all come from the Brazilian championship, which is being played at the moment. They took part in the last matches of their clubs. Pedro Enrique comes from Chile, also played all the matches there. I thank them for choosing Ludogorets and I hope they achieve the goals of the club and their own. Hopefully Ludogorets is a step forward, quick adaptation and many victories with Ludogorets,” he added.

“You know that for Ludogorets, the Brazilians have always been the main part. There was a period when it was financially impossible to attract football players from South America. Happily, we’ve made it the last few years. We have achieved favorable financial terms that correspond to their capabilities.”

“Thank you for your presence. As I said, we continue to rejuvenate the team. We are aware of the risks we are taking. A team is not built in a day, a month, two. Piotrovsky has been here for 30 days. Aslak is a week old. He’s already made his debut. With these three boys we become five new ones. It is normal to have hesitation, but I hope that in the fastest way, Ludogorets will look like a solid team that everyone should consider not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe. Let’s hope that we will succeed,” said the sports director at the end.

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