Kanye West won’t be buying the Parler social network after all

Kanye West will not get his own social platform. Now called Ye, the singer had submitted an offer last October to acquire Parler, a social network popular with the American conservative right. But last Thursday, the platform said it had given up becoming the property of the rapper, today at the heart of controversy and accused of anti-Semitism. The company shared the news on social media.

The end of artist redemption is a “decision [qui] was taken in the interests of both parties in mid-November”, according to the official version posted on Twitter. Parler added that the platform “will continue to pursue opportunities for growth and evolution […] for our vibrant community”. Ye wanted through this takeover to defend freedom of expression.

If the rupture of the agreement dates back less than a month, the information was only made public following the recent controversies around Ye. Once again, the artist made anti-Semitic remarks during a podcast recorded with Alex Jones, a figure of American conspiracy. Kanye West also got banned from Twitter after posting an intertwined Star of David and swastika.

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