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Martin Kamburov gave up football a year ago, but continues to receive recognition for his goal-scoring skills. The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has published a ranking of the best goalscorers in national championships since the beginning of the XXI century, and in it Kamburov is in the prestigious 10th place with 287 goals since the beginning of the century (and only 1 hit in the XX century).

In first place is Cristiano Ronaldo (498 goals), who is 11 goals ahead of Lionel Messi (487 goals). Third Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 392 goals, followed by Luis Suarez (364 goals) and Robert Lewandowski (357 goals).

After Kamburov, there are strikers such as Sergio Aguero and Samuel Eto’o (282 goals each), David Villa (280 goals), Gonzalo Higuain (279 goals) and others.

However, Kamburov can be displaced, as there are five footballers in the top 20 who have not finished their careers – the Costa Rican Alvaro Saborio (40 years, 279 goals), the Salvadoran Williams Reyes (46 years, 277 goals), the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (35 years, 276 goals), Welshman Rhys Griffiths (42 years, 272 goals) and current Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema (35 years, 269 goals).

The ranking only takes into account goals scored since the turn of the century, but includes all national championships in which the strikers have played. Also 5 months ago, the IFFHS ranked Martin Kamburov 11th among early 21st century goalscorers in just one league, thanks to his 255 goals in Group A/First League from the start of 2001 to the end of 2021. (out of a total of 256). During this period, he also played in the UAE (Al Ahly), Greece (Asteras) and China (Dalien Shud), and it was his goals there that contributed to his entry into the top 10 in the current ranking.

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