Kadyrov to the Kremlin: You were wrong, change the strategy

“They made mistakes and I think they will draw the necessary conclusions,” said Ramzan Kadyrov, considered one of Vladimir Putin’s most trusted men. He demanded a new strategy for Russia in Ukraine and, aware that he was not a military strategist, issued an ultimatum to the department:

If changes are not made today or tomorrow in the strategy for conducting the special military operation, I will be forced to go to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the country to explain the situation to them. A very interesting, hellish situation.

A week after announcing that he was considering stepping down from his post, which he had “held on to”, Kadyrov even signaled that the Kremlin may not have good enough information about what is happening on the ground.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has slammed Russia’s Defense Ministry after a Ukrainian counteroffensive forced Moscow’s army and separatist backers to withdraw from key positions in the Kharkiv region.

Chechen forces were key in holding Kherson and became involved in the first days of the war in several directions. Despite some successful operations of their own, Kadyrov’s forces suffered heavy losses in the early months of the conflict.

The cities (Kyiv released Izyum, Kupyansk and Balakleya in Kharkiv region) were “handed over” to Ukraine, and asked why this was necessary. “If Russia wanted to, it would not take a single step back. Why this was done needs to be clarified.” He attributed the situation to a lack of preparation. “We always show how we shoot, how we destroy. We have to show the other side as well,” bg-voice reports.

In addition, three battalions and the Akhmat Regiment (named after his father, Akhmat Kadyrov, who was assassinated over a decade and a half ago) were sent to Ukraine to continue the “special operation”. “I, Ramzan Kadyrov, officially declare to you that all these cities will be returned back. Our people are already there, the boys are specially prepared for this work. And in the future we will come to Odessa.”


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