Julia Roberts and George Clooney took on Bai Ivan and defeated him

The comedy with George Clooney and Julia Roberts “Ticket to Paradise” was liked the most by the Bulgarian viewers last weekend, according to the summary data from the cinemas in our country. The attempt of divorced parents to ruin their daughter’s wedding with a boy from the island of Bali, Indonesia, has already been watched by 16,912 viewers and accounted for BGN 194,246 in revenue from their tickets.

In second place is “Bai Ivan 2”, a sequel to last year’s film. The new troubles in which Ivan and Spaska fall during the romantic surprise for their anniversary have already been watched by 51,479 viewers and have 483,193 BGN for the ten days in cinemas.

The third place in the top 10 goes to the other premiere – the animation “Softly spoken”, based on the tale of Valeri Petrov from 1979. The dreams of little Svetlio and his meetings with the members of “KKKK” attracted the interest of 2,580 viewers and generated BGN 23,850 in ticket revenue.

The fourth is the animation “DC League of Super-Pets”. The acquisition of new skills by Ace, PBB, Merton, Chip and their help to the super-dog Krypto has been on the screens for the second month already, it has 58,430 viewers and 526,187 BGN revenue.

In the middle of the list of the most watched titles in our country is the action “Murder Train” with Brad Pitt in the main role. The production based on Kotaro Isaka’s novel “Maria Beetle” from 2010, about the ladybug who manages to survive among five hired killers on a high-speed train, has been in theaters for almost two months, grossing BGN 51,933 and 559,561 viewers.

In sixth place is the animation “Minions 2”, which is the third month among the most watched films in cinemas. The beginning of the acquaintance of the teenager Gru and the minions has already been watched by 231,003 viewers and has received BGN 2,277,862.

Seventh is the romantic drama “Where the Crabs Sing” based on Delia Owens’ 2018 novel of the same name. What happens to Kaya Clark during her time growing up in the swamps of North Carolina and finding her great love has been followed by 23,791 viewers and has 223,185 BGN income for a month in our country.

Eighth position goes to the Norwegian animation “Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond”. The search for the precious stone, which can fulfill the wishes of its owner under a full moon, attracted the interest of 14,474 viewers, and the tickets sold brought in BGN 118,251 in revenue.

The penultimate is the new IMAX version of Steven Spielberg’s “Alien”, which was screened for the first time in Bulgaria in 1988 – six years after its world premiere, BTA reports. Little Elliot’s friendship with the alien from another planet was watched by 2,387 viewers and generated BGN 25,697 in revenue over the ten days in our country.

The last is the Bulgarian production “In the heart of the machine”, which has been in theaters for almost seven months. How a group of prisoners rebelled against militia, prison authorities and everything that happened behind the walls of “Kremikovtsi” has already been seen by 119,346 viewers and has 1,229,541 BGN revenues.

Last weekend, a total of 38,188 viewers entered the cinemas. Last year at the same time, they were 27,025 people.

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