Joy-con: a replacement kit that promises the end of drifting on Nintendo Switch

According to the manufacturer Gulikit, its set of replacement analog sticks for Joy-con avoids the dreaded “Joy-con drift”, a malfunction unfortunately very common on Nintendo Switch controllers. A widely documented problem, which notably earned Nintendo a complaint filed in France by the UFC-Que Choisir as well as reprimands at European level.

Presented as a repair kit but also for improving the Joy-con, these two analog sticks sold for around thirty euros therefore promise to achieve what Nintendo has never been able (or rather wanted) to do: provide a lasting solution to a scourge which is undoubtedly at the origin of a large number of sales of new Joy-con.

How ? By relying on different components, namely a set of magnets and magnetic sensors to interpret the movements of the sticks via the Hall effect. This eliminates the need for moving parts that wear out — and/or become clogged — over time. Which is why Gulikit talks about his kits as a way to permanently eliminate “Joy-con drift”.

This technology, Gulikit already offered it on its premium controller for Nintendo Switch (but also Windows, macOS, Android and iOS): the KingKong 2 Pro. Seeing this manufacturer release two components that self-repair enthusiasts were jealous of in order to sell them at retail is excellent news.

Without going so far as to talk about an operation as easy as changing the batteries in a remote control (as Gulikit explains), we must admit that with a good tutorial and the right equipment, manipulation is within the reach of all technophiles who are a little bit patient and meticulous. We also regret that Nintendo does not use standard screws. Be careful, opening a Joy-con yourself to repair it is a reason for loss of warranty, and it is therefore an operation that is best undertaken when the controller is no longer covered.

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